April 29, 2008

Big Girl Bike...

Jenna was so excited to get a bike but last week when we went to the store they no longer had any left of the one we were going to get. She was sad but seemed alright knowing we'd come back again. Then we were playing with her little neighbor friend, Jaiden, and her mom said Jenna could have Jade's old bike since she got a newer, bigger one last summer. They weren't planning on making Jaiden's younger brother Alex ever ride a pink and purple bike and it had a broken training wheel that needed to be fixed. Dave made new wheels at work and with a little washing Jenna was as happy as can be with the bike. She'll need a bigger one soon but this is a good one for her to learn on in the meantime. She was pretty proud of her bike on Friday....and then pretty tired!

April 28, 2008

I Was Tagged...

I was tagged by my friend Laura.....

I am: a mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend and almost an aunt...only 2 more weeks!

I know: that life doesn't always go the way you thought it would but God always has control

I want: to take Jenna camping this summer

I wish: there was more time in a day

I hate: most bugs, snakes and selfish people

I miss: talking to my dad

I fear: losing the people I love

I feel: loved and optimistic

I hear: background music in my office

I smell: coffee from the breakroom

I crave: warmer weather

I search: for the magic formula on how to balance being a great mom, girlfriend and employee

I regret: not always taking the time to enjoy the simple and mundane things in life and getting upset over little unimportant things sometimes

I love: Jenna, Dave, my family and friends, summer days at the beach, taking Jenna to the park, going out with friends, discussions that challenge me in some way, watching Jenna accomplish something new, hearing Jenna sing and saying her prayers......

I ache: when I see kids hurting

I care: about what kind of world Jenna will be living in when she's older

I always: eat breakfast

I am not: always as patient as I should be

I believe: kids grow up way too fast

I dance: not often enough

I sing: in church or to Jenna, I can't really be heard in church and Jenna doesn't care that I can't sing

I cry: easily

I fight: for things I believe in

I write: on my blog and e-mail

I win: not much, but our family softball team was better than we expected

I lose: the little bottle that came with Jenna's cabbage patch doll and it can never be found when she wants it most

I never: get up early enough to run in the morning like I say I'm going to

I confuse: My home and work address when writing them...they are both 240...

I am scared: of not being a good enough mom

I need: a haircut (yeah, tonight!) and to use my gift certificate to get a pedicure

I am happy about: my sister having her baby soon!

I hope: I can somehow touch the lives of people around me

I am tagging: Megan and Briana

April 24, 2008

Just a Day of Play!

The little diva setting up her beach chair.

Only Jenna would need "clean up all the treasures"...can you say neat freak!

On Tuesday Jenna and I were outside for a walk to downtown Zeeland by just after 9:00. Other than a couple potty breaks and making lunch (we ate it outside) we spent the entire day outside. She's not a big fan of taking a nap everyday and when she's happy and playing outside it doesn't bother me either. After our nice long walk which included a stop at the bakery for a cookie, and at Grandma's office to quick say hi we headed home to play with bubbles, in the sandbox and then we had to clean up the yard and put the "treasures" in the bucket. We went all around the yard to pick up some pinecones, some rocks and dandelions (she picked all the neighbors too so I'm sure they are happy) filling her sandbucket. We then had to sit in the fort part of her swingset and she said it was her boat. I asked her why it was a boat and she said "because mommy, we are pirates and those are our treasures", referring to her bucket full of stuff. The she asked me "mommy can you wink and say arrrhhhh?, because that's what pirates do". I'm not sure where the pirate thing came from but it was fun nonetheless. At one point she dragged one of the beach chairs all the way to her sandbox and that's her in the picture trying to get it unfolded. She came out of the house from a potty break with a pillow and her blankie in hand and when I asked what she was doing she said "I just need a little rest mom". It lasted all of 5 minutes but was really cute. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast!

April 20, 2008

Playing @ The Park...

Finally the weather has been nice enough to start going to the park. Jenna was so excited Friday morning when I told her we could go play at Helder Park for awhile. As soon as she was out of the car she was off and running. I think she was so excited that she could hardly decide what to play on first. She spent some time on the teeter totter bouncy thing (which of course mom needs to sit on the other end of...but when you see those smiles you forget how rediculous you look playing on toys made for toddlers) and then it was off to the balance beam where she did her big jumping dismount complete with a "ta-da look at me mom" at the end. It was just her and I but there are always other parents and kids at the park so it's great to watch her interact and play with the them. Can't wait for more spring and summer days to play at the park!

April 13, 2008

Making Bathtime a Little Brighter...

Have you ever thought that maybe your kids could use a bath towel that was just a little bit cuter? Well a long winter meant I was bored and decided to be a little crafty. I started making some hooded bath towels and of course had to add a few extras. I still have some left and would also be willing to make one if you have a specific color in mind. I know all the towels shown are a little girly but that's only because everyone I know has been having boys so the "boy" colors were sold or given away as baby gifts. I've been selling them for $20, if you're interested or know someone who might be please let me know. As you can tell, Jenna loves her hoody!

April 8, 2008

They Found Mud!

I posted yesterday that Jenna was going to be at my Aunt Shar's house all day. Bless her heart for taking Jenna on top of having her 3 grandsons. There was no doubt in my mind that something would happen during the day...and it did. The kids were playing out behind the house where there is plenty of mud. Ryan went running to the house yelling "grandma, Jenna is stuck in the mud". After quickly securing Seth in the highchair she headed out to investigate. All she could see was Bradley, Jenna and a whole lot of mud! Jenna had really gotten herself stuck in the mud. Bradley saved the day and was able to pull her out but she lost a boot in the process. After washing off her hands my aunt knew she had to take a picture, Jenna has proudly shown anyone she could! (I scanned it so it's not very clear)

April 7, 2008

It Might Actually Be Spring???

I'm one of those people who has been growing increasingly tired of winter, the dreary weather just had to go and finally it did! Saturday became an official "project" day around the house and I felt pretty good about getting a lot accomplished even if there is still a long list of things I'd like to do...it's only April! Jenna had a fun weekend playing outside with her dad and was exhausted when she came home last night. I made the mistake of letting her take a little catnap and that turned out to be just enough to make bedtime a bit of a hassle. Live and learn I guess.

Jenna is at my aunt's house today along with her 3 grandsons, Jenna was so excited this morning to get there. Bradley is 7, Ryan is 3 1/2 and Seth is 16 months...I think my aunt is going to be busy! Bradley was so excited that Jenna had on play clothes and had her rubber boots along so they could play outside in the dirt and find bugs. I have a feeling there will be a few interesting stories by the end of the day.

Last week Thursday Jenna had a bath but didn't want to go to bed with her hair wet so she asked for the blow dryer...of course she needed to do it "myself".

April 2, 2008

Growing Up...

I can't help but feel like Jenna is growing up too fast. She talks a mile a minute, is little miss independent "I can do it myself". She doesn't want help going to the bathroom anymore, and just looks older and older every day. I'm sure once her little cousin Allee arrives (in 5 weeks or so) she's going to seem like a giant. This morning she picked out a shirt to wear and I asked if she wanted to wear her tights or socks and she replied "um, I think the stripes would be just fine". That meant tights and a skirt. So I got her dressed, crocs included and she told me she wanted pigtails. By the time she was ready to go she looked like she was off to her first day of school!

Notice at the bottom of the picture you can see her little kitty wrapped up in her blankie. She loves wrapping up her animals and dolls, feeding them and reading to them. I think when little Allee arrives she is going to either be spoiled or traumatized by her big cousin!