April 28, 2008

I Was Tagged...

I was tagged by my friend Laura.....

I am: a mom, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend and almost an aunt...only 2 more weeks!

I know: that life doesn't always go the way you thought it would but God always has control

I want: to take Jenna camping this summer

I wish: there was more time in a day

I hate: most bugs, snakes and selfish people

I miss: talking to my dad

I fear: losing the people I love

I feel: loved and optimistic

I hear: background music in my office

I smell: coffee from the breakroom

I crave: warmer weather

I search: for the magic formula on how to balance being a great mom, girlfriend and employee

I regret: not always taking the time to enjoy the simple and mundane things in life and getting upset over little unimportant things sometimes

I love: Jenna, Dave, my family and friends, summer days at the beach, taking Jenna to the park, going out with friends, discussions that challenge me in some way, watching Jenna accomplish something new, hearing Jenna sing and saying her prayers......

I ache: when I see kids hurting

I care: about what kind of world Jenna will be living in when she's older

I always: eat breakfast

I am not: always as patient as I should be

I believe: kids grow up way too fast

I dance: not often enough

I sing: in church or to Jenna, I can't really be heard in church and Jenna doesn't care that I can't sing

I cry: easily

I fight: for things I believe in

I write: on my blog and e-mail

I win: not much, but our family softball team was better than we expected

I lose: the little bottle that came with Jenna's cabbage patch doll and it can never be found when she wants it most

I never: get up early enough to run in the morning like I say I'm going to

I confuse: My home and work address when writing them...they are both 240...

I am scared: of not being a good enough mom

I need: a haircut (yeah, tonight!) and to use my gift certificate to get a pedicure

I am happy about: my sister having her baby soon!

I hope: I can somehow touch the lives of people around me

I am tagging: Megan and Briana

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