April 24, 2008

Just a Day of Play!

The little diva setting up her beach chair.

Only Jenna would need "clean up all the treasures"...can you say neat freak!

On Tuesday Jenna and I were outside for a walk to downtown Zeeland by just after 9:00. Other than a couple potty breaks and making lunch (we ate it outside) we spent the entire day outside. She's not a big fan of taking a nap everyday and when she's happy and playing outside it doesn't bother me either. After our nice long walk which included a stop at the bakery for a cookie, and at Grandma's office to quick say hi we headed home to play with bubbles, in the sandbox and then we had to clean up the yard and put the "treasures" in the bucket. We went all around the yard to pick up some pinecones, some rocks and dandelions (she picked all the neighbors too so I'm sure they are happy) filling her sandbucket. We then had to sit in the fort part of her swingset and she said it was her boat. I asked her why it was a boat and she said "because mommy, we are pirates and those are our treasures", referring to her bucket full of stuff. The she asked me "mommy can you wink and say arrrhhhh?, because that's what pirates do". I'm not sure where the pirate thing came from but it was fun nonetheless. At one point she dragged one of the beach chairs all the way to her sandbox and that's her in the picture trying to get it unfolded. She came out of the house from a potty break with a pillow and her blankie in hand and when I asked what she was doing she said "I just need a little rest mom". It lasted all of 5 minutes but was really cute. I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast!

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The Nikkel's said...

isn't it amazing how fast they grow? Jenna looks so big and old! We should get our girls together to play sometime...I have a quite a diva on my hands as well. I'm sure they would get along great!