April 20, 2008

Playing @ The Park...

Finally the weather has been nice enough to start going to the park. Jenna was so excited Friday morning when I told her we could go play at Helder Park for awhile. As soon as she was out of the car she was off and running. I think she was so excited that she could hardly decide what to play on first. She spent some time on the teeter totter bouncy thing (which of course mom needs to sit on the other end of...but when you see those smiles you forget how rediculous you look playing on toys made for toddlers) and then it was off to the balance beam where she did her big jumping dismount complete with a "ta-da look at me mom" at the end. It was just her and I but there are always other parents and kids at the park so it's great to watch her interact and play with the them. Can't wait for more spring and summer days to play at the park!

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