April 8, 2008

They Found Mud!

I posted yesterday that Jenna was going to be at my Aunt Shar's house all day. Bless her heart for taking Jenna on top of having her 3 grandsons. There was no doubt in my mind that something would happen during the day...and it did. The kids were playing out behind the house where there is plenty of mud. Ryan went running to the house yelling "grandma, Jenna is stuck in the mud". After quickly securing Seth in the highchair she headed out to investigate. All she could see was Bradley, Jenna and a whole lot of mud! Jenna had really gotten herself stuck in the mud. Bradley saved the day and was able to pull her out but she lost a boot in the process. After washing off her hands my aunt knew she had to take a picture, Jenna has proudly shown anyone she could! (I scanned it so it's not very clear)

1 comment:

Ryan, Megan and Evan DeVries said...

Oh my word! Those pants must be ruined! Haha..typical Jenna.