May 28, 2008

Funshine Bear the Care Bear

Some things just make me laugh and watching Jenna with her most recent "best friend" is one of those things. Funshine Bear is a Care Bear, to be precise this is Aunt Nae's Care Bear from when she was little. Jenna found this while playing at Gram's a couple weeks ago and it seriously goes everywhere and does everything with her. While sometimes annoying to drag the bear along, it is so sweet and cute to watch her with this bear. We'll often hear "oh buddy" or "oh honey pie"...yes she is talking to Care Bear. If we refer to Bear as "she" or "her" we are quickly corrected "he is a boy, not a girl". She feeds him a bottle and even has smuggled a newborn size diaper or two from Allee's diaper bag to use on him. When we go in the car so does Care Bear...he even has to wear a seat belt for as Jenna would say "mommy says we have to be buckled in the car so sit like a good boy". I drew the line at Target yesterday when she said Care Bear needed to use the potty. I simply wasn't willing to take it that far so I told her that Bear wasn't potty trained yet and could use his diaper, she just looked at me and said "oh yeah, that's right I forgot". What's so cute (and sometimes not I guess) is that she often reflects my "mommy-ing" to her bear. For instance, yesterday I told her to sit still while I put a ponytail in her hair. Within 10 minutes she was getting a comb and clippy and was sitting on the floor to do his hair (he's a boy with bows in his hair...hmmmm) anyway, I stand back and let her play and soon I hear "buddy you need to sit still so I can get this in your hair"....she gets it clipped and I hear "there, all beautiful". At one point I had to get after Jenna for not listening, just a verbal warning with the threat of a time out if it happened again. Once again within an hour I hear "honey pie, if you're not going to listen then you will have to go in time out because that's not being very nice". I'm just amazed every day at her and the things she does....and now a little more aware of what I do since it's being mimicked ALL the time! It's good practice for being a great cousin to Allee and it's made me frighteningly aware of how fast she is growing up!!! Here's a pic of Jenna doing hair.

Randomness of a weekend...

Memorial Day weekend was busy, guess that's what happens when you get a long weekend. It seems as though we got a lot accomplished and managed to squeeze in some fun too! Saturday night we went hung out with some of Dave's friends while Jenna enjoyed some time with grandma and Allee. Sunday we all enjoyed the afternoon at Jim and Missy's cottage, or if you believe Jenna it's just Missy's cottage! It was a great afternoon and Jenna really warmed up to all the people there. She stills talks about Heather playing soccer and bean bags with her and of course Missy jumping on the bed with her. Monday we went to the Zeeland parade with grandma, great grandma, Aunt Sue, Uncle Dave and Aunt Bev. Jenna had a little bit of a cold so she wasn't in the mood for pictures. After Dave finished golfing we headed to Matt and Lisa's for the afternoon and yes, we even went in the pool.....brrrrrr. Here's a few pics of the last week...

Playing bean bags with Heather...I think Jenna is cheating a little bit!

Blowing bubbles and...

just being a goofball!

Gracie & Jenna trying to warm up after swimming

May 21, 2008


In one weeks time I feel like Dave and I have made a lot of progress with the wedding plans. I guess I just don't want to feel so busy all summer long so we decided to make some decisions and get the planning under way....guess we had to considering the first decision was to get married in August! The date is officially 8.8.08, Dave won't have an excuse to not remember that one! So far we've set the date, selected The Ravines Golf Course for the wedding and reception, decided that the reception will be dessert and cocktails only (which is why the wedding won't start until at least 7:30), lined up someone to handle sound for the outdoor wedding, picked out paper for the invitations (Dave has now knows what's inside Michaels craft store), and yesterday I bought my wedding dress! Danee and I decided to go looking and I found it. It's not something I would have ever expected to pick out but my sister and the others in the store at the time all had the same thought when I had it on along with the was "the" dress. Of course I had to take it to my mom's as soon as she was home from work. My sister had pictures on her camera of me trying on most of the dresses and my mom picked the right dress before she knew which one I had bought, guess that's a good sign. We're working on soloist (hopefully Brad Koning can), DJ and photographer yet if anyone has any suggestions???

May 15, 2008

Crazy Days!

I don't really mind being busy some weeks just seem a little crazy. Although a lot has been accomplished this week there still seems like so much to do. Dave and I did some landscaping in the yard and it's looking much better than before. He also managed to get all the landscaping at his duplexes re-done. Then there's my car and dealing with trying to find a new motor for it...Dave will be picking that up after work tonight and my Uncle Curt has graciously agreed to put it in - gotta love family! In the meantime my boss has been kind enough to give me his car for 2 weeks since his wife is in Florida.

Wedding plans....we've narrowed down wedding/reception to 2 places, the Alumni House at GVSU and the Ravines Golf Course, unless someone is able to think of something else. We still would like to see the Ravines and are trying to find a time to do that but it looks like it will have to wait until next week. Hopefully at that point we can officially set a date of either August 8 or August 15. It seems like there is a lot to do but it will all get done eventually.

Jenna loved helping with the landscaping. She was SO dirty!

When visiting Allee Jenna loves to play with her carseat. She went up to Allee's room to get some of her animals and then buckled froggy in and even gave him her blankie. Then she needed the camera to take froggy's picture....she makes me laugh!

May 12, 2008

Bad News.....GREAT News!

There are some days I just want to throw my hands in the air and say "I give up". Friday was that day. I drove up to my sisters house to enjoy a few hours with her and Allee. We had a great time. Jenna loved reading Allee books and putting stuffed animals into Allee's carseat. Her shyness slowly disappeared and she talked a mile a minute to Brad and Danee. After having lunch we decided it was time to head home. We made it a little ways before my car made some awful noises and quit! Jenna and I got to ride in a tow truck from Coopersville all the way to Zeeland. The driver was very nice and it turns out he knew my dad...small world! Got it to my cousins service station and bad news...the motor threw a rod. Now that meant nothing to me until he followed it up by saying "your motor is shot". What???? I've only been driving this car for 6 months and it just isin't supposed to happen to that kind of car, aaaggghhhh! I didn't know if I should be sad, mad or just plain frustrated so I think I ended up being all of them, sorry Dave. I know there are things in life that are MUCH worse and I'm thankful it's just car trouble but still it means all I have is a car with a broken motor. Saturday I kept myself busy with yardwork and Dave came later to help as we're trying to put a new little patio area in. we decided to have my mom watch Jenna while we grabbed a bite to eat. It was great because it gave us time to talk and gain some perspective on the broken car and it just put me in a better mood. He offered to pick me up for church Sunday morning and we had to be there a little early for some stuff and it was going to be a great service since his little nephew was going to be baptized. He came in with a gift bag and told Jenna to give it to me. I'm thinking it's a Mother's Day gift so I open the card and I'm reading this really sweet card and as I'm doing that Jenna is pulling a string out of the bag. I see her hand it to Dave and ask "what's this". At this point I am looking at Dave and I'm pretty sure my mouth is hanging wide open since tied to the end of the string is a diamond ring....and he's asking "WILL YOU MARRY ME"! I said YES and then was speechless. I was trying to stay halfway calm so that I wouldn't completely freak out Jenna but it was hard. I was on cloud nine all day. It was so fun to get to church and break the news to his family. They were so surprised. We were also able to share the good news with some friends at church as well which was really fun. I don't think I've stopped smiling yet :-) Having a broken car hasn't seemed like such a big deal for the past 24 hours.

May 8, 2008

Introducing Allee Jo Lucas!

Allee Jo was born May 6 @ 2:57 pm
She weighed 8lbs 2 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches

It's a crazy feeling when your little sister has a baby. She has always been a wonderful aunt to Jenna (including spoiling her rotten with her incredible bargain shopping and her candy filled purse) so there's no doubt that she'll be a wonderful mom. I wish her and Brad all the best and cannot wait to spend time doing things together with Jenna & Allee.

May 7, 2008

More Than a Flower

Anyone who lives in West Michigan already knows that this week marks the annual celebration of a flower. Actually it's more about Dutch heritage but the tulip sure steals the show. It just wouldn't be Tulip Time if hundreds of kids didn't get dragged out to the park in their costumes just so their crazy parents can get a picture of them sitting in front of a bed of tulips. I'm one of those parents and last night was the night! Jenna was excited to put her "dress" on but she was less than thrilled about the hat, can't say I blame her. Since I needed her to wear it for the picture I bribed her with an elephant ear...I am not above bribery and have come to believe it's an essential parenting tool :-). She is in a cheesy smile very fake when you ask her to smile! She was much more interested in all the people around and was somewhat taken back by the strangers trying to take her photo while she sat there. She wasn't completely authentic since there were no wooden shoes involved but when your daughter has feet that grow like weeds it just seemed like a waste. Here are the results (they need a little more photoshop help but I don't have time right now)...

That wasn't all of Jenna's fun and excitement for the day! All morning long she got to play with Oliver and Jonas. As you can see they had plenty of fun and naughty sparkle in their eyes as they jumped on my bed (sorry Jason and Amy).

Then the best part - the marching band! The Creekside Middle School was practicing and came right down the street in front of our house. They just stood at the door and watched, it was SO cute!!!

THEN...yes there is more. At 4:00pm we got the call from Aunt Nae and Uncle Brad that they had their baby!!!! Allee Jo Lucas (Allee is after my dad "Al Lee" cute and Jo after my middle name...hahaha, I doubt it). I'll post pictures soon.