May 12, 2008

Bad News.....GREAT News!

There are some days I just want to throw my hands in the air and say "I give up". Friday was that day. I drove up to my sisters house to enjoy a few hours with her and Allee. We had a great time. Jenna loved reading Allee books and putting stuffed animals into Allee's carseat. Her shyness slowly disappeared and she talked a mile a minute to Brad and Danee. After having lunch we decided it was time to head home. We made it a little ways before my car made some awful noises and quit! Jenna and I got to ride in a tow truck from Coopersville all the way to Zeeland. The driver was very nice and it turns out he knew my dad...small world! Got it to my cousins service station and bad news...the motor threw a rod. Now that meant nothing to me until he followed it up by saying "your motor is shot". What???? I've only been driving this car for 6 months and it just isin't supposed to happen to that kind of car, aaaggghhhh! I didn't know if I should be sad, mad or just plain frustrated so I think I ended up being all of them, sorry Dave. I know there are things in life that are MUCH worse and I'm thankful it's just car trouble but still it means all I have is a car with a broken motor. Saturday I kept myself busy with yardwork and Dave came later to help as we're trying to put a new little patio area in. we decided to have my mom watch Jenna while we grabbed a bite to eat. It was great because it gave us time to talk and gain some perspective on the broken car and it just put me in a better mood. He offered to pick me up for church Sunday morning and we had to be there a little early for some stuff and it was going to be a great service since his little nephew was going to be baptized. He came in with a gift bag and told Jenna to give it to me. I'm thinking it's a Mother's Day gift so I open the card and I'm reading this really sweet card and as I'm doing that Jenna is pulling a string out of the bag. I see her hand it to Dave and ask "what's this". At this point I am looking at Dave and I'm pretty sure my mouth is hanging wide open since tied to the end of the string is a diamond ring....and he's asking "WILL YOU MARRY ME"! I said YES and then was speechless. I was trying to stay halfway calm so that I wouldn't completely freak out Jenna but it was hard. I was on cloud nine all day. It was so fun to get to church and break the news to his family. They were so surprised. We were also able to share the good news with some friends at church as well which was really fun. I don't think I've stopped smiling yet :-) Having a broken car hasn't seemed like such a big deal for the past 24 hours.


The Nikkel's said...

What a cool story! CONGRATS!!! Life is always put into perspective, isn't it?!

Ryan, Megan and Evan DeVries said...

I'm in tears! I didnt even get to ask you the whole story! YAY! I cant wait!