May 7, 2008

More Than a Flower

Anyone who lives in West Michigan already knows that this week marks the annual celebration of a flower. Actually it's more about Dutch heritage but the tulip sure steals the show. It just wouldn't be Tulip Time if hundreds of kids didn't get dragged out to the park in their costumes just so their crazy parents can get a picture of them sitting in front of a bed of tulips. I'm one of those parents and last night was the night! Jenna was excited to put her "dress" on but she was less than thrilled about the hat, can't say I blame her. Since I needed her to wear it for the picture I bribed her with an elephant ear...I am not above bribery and have come to believe it's an essential parenting tool :-). She is in a cheesy smile very fake when you ask her to smile! She was much more interested in all the people around and was somewhat taken back by the strangers trying to take her photo while she sat there. She wasn't completely authentic since there were no wooden shoes involved but when your daughter has feet that grow like weeds it just seemed like a waste. Here are the results (they need a little more photoshop help but I don't have time right now)...

That wasn't all of Jenna's fun and excitement for the day! All morning long she got to play with Oliver and Jonas. As you can see they had plenty of fun and naughty sparkle in their eyes as they jumped on my bed (sorry Jason and Amy).

Then the best part - the marching band! The Creekside Middle School was practicing and came right down the street in front of our house. They just stood at the door and watched, it was SO cute!!!

THEN...yes there is more. At 4:00pm we got the call from Aunt Nae and Uncle Brad that they had their baby!!!! Allee Jo Lucas (Allee is after my dad "Al Lee" cute and Jo after my middle name...hahaha, I doubt it). I'll post pictures soon.

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