July 30, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Jenna...1st the cake

Wow, time flies! I know it sounds cliche but I really cannot believe that Jenna is already 3. This little person has impacted my life in ways I could never have dreamed or imagined and no matter how much this little person can challenge me at times, I love her and couldn't imagine life without her. When I see pictures of her only a year ago I can't believe how much she has "grown up".

We celebrated her birthday by baking her own cake, something she loves to do. Her pick was Funfetti cake with strawberry flavored whipped frosting and lots of sprinkles...probably more yummy to kids than adults. She had a ball and the best part was licking the spoon of course!

Then there were presents!

After making cake we went to Aunt Jan's pool for the afternoon and hung out with Auntie Nae, Allee and Grandma. When Dave came over after work we decided to let her get her first present so she could actually use it for a little bit....a new bike! Hers was really too small for her and since it had been given to us by a neighbor we decided to get her one of her own, and one that was more her size. She was so excited waiting on the front porch with her eyes covered....amazingly she didn't peek!

After dinner came the rest of the presents...her reactions were so cute to watch and she was being such a girl...."oh it's adorable".
After presents she rode her bike to the park while Dave and I walked along. We had fun playing there for awhile and then headed home for some of that delicious birthday cake.

I hope as her mom I never take for granted these precious moments I have with her....she's getting so big, so fast.

Girls Night Out!!!

I have to say a huge thanks to my sister for throwing me a great bachelorette party! Saturday night We met up at New Holland Brewery for some dinner, drinks and even a couple games. Then it was on to Saugatuck to have a little more fun. It was Venetian Festival there so it was packed.

Two of my future sister-in-laws, Megan and Amy!

A couple more snapshots of girls night! Jen and Me and then the whole gang...Megan, me, Lisa (Dave's sister), Amy, Christi (Dave's sister-in-law) and Danee. Thanks to Nikki and Michelle who also joined us for most of the night. I'm pretty sure enveryone had fun!!!
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July 29, 2008

****Big Star Lake****

Dave's sister Lisa and her family were all up at Big Star for the week last week. We joined them for the day on Wednesday and it turned out to be a perfect lazy lake day! The kids had a ball playing in the sand, the water and even swam out to the swim platform and proceeded to jump off, climb the ladder, jump off....over and over and over! The biggest surprise was Jenna going tubing. She absolutely loves the water and by her own desire has gone from life jacket to swimmies to now jumping in and attempting to swim with nothing to help her float....don't worry I'm in the water. Still a tube ride seemed like a stretch for her but she proved me wrong.

My busy, daring, darling daughter!

I've been a delinquent poster lately so here's my attempt to catch up. Jenna has been keeping us busy and everyday I just laugh at what this little diva of mine comes up with. A bike ride use to mean putting on the helmet and taking off. Now the dolls and purses need to come along! I don't know that this child will ever be focused enough to get a drivers license :-)

As I put the rest of the toys in the garage because it was starting to rain she decided to climb on top of the Coupe Car rather than put it away. I came around the corner and all she said was "look at me mom, I did it all by myself". Good thing I had the camera on the table to capture this moment to prove to all of you that she'd not always perfect!
"But I'm not sleepy mom", is the nightly bedtime argument......oh really?

July 14, 2008

Construction Kid

Rebuilding the bottom two steps of the basement stairs has been Dave's nemace for the last 6 weeks. We had sprayed bug spray after seeing some ants and for the next several days the bottom steps would be covered in dead ants - GROSS! I'm not a fan of bugs and they are even worse when you see them by the hundreds. Dave did some deconstructing of the bottom steps and it was quite damp under there and plenty of dirt and sand to make for a perfect ant home. The wood was a little rotten....what can you expect in a home built in 1918. He decided to rip them out and rebuild them. Ripping them out was easy but getting motivated to rebuild them was not. After a few less than sunny weekend days they are almsot finished (they'll have new vinyl on them in the fall when all the stairs will have new vinyl). Part of the problem with getting them done was that Dave would rather play with Jenna than work on stairs when he was here in the evening and when he did work she always wanted to help! Not really bad problems in my book. Here are some pictures of Jenna helping last week. Don't mind Jenna looking like a complete raggamuffin and the brown vest she is wearing. It is way too small but it is her favorite. I had put it in the basement along with a bag of clothes that need to be stored in her "don't fit anymore" totes. She however found it, put it on and called it her "construction vest".

The Girls...

My sister sent me some of the pics that were on her camera from the 4th of July. Jenna was in such a funny mood that night and was loving having her picture taken and also taking the pictures....which she's actually quite good at!

Jenna and her favorite little "honeypie"...Allee

I love this picture of Jenna and I...she's not a baby anymore that's for sure!

Anticipating some fireworks!

Jenna's Picture of Me with Allee....I just love those cheeks!

Jenna and her Auntie Nae....pretty sure they will always have a special bond which is so awesome to see.

July 8, 2008

The Weekend FUN Continues!

As if Friday wasn't enough entertainment we decided to keep it going...all weekend long. We put wedding planning and projects on the back burner for the weekend which was so nice. I'm so luck to have someone like Dave who sees the importance of and values family time even if it means being completely unproductive! Saturday afternoon we went to his sisters house to swim for a bit and later while Jenna took a nap we washed and cleaned his boat. Then the three of us headed to Grand Haven for a bite to eat and walked around to watch the boats. Jenna of course needed some ice cream!

Sunday we went to the early service at church and then packed up the boat and headed to the lake for the afternoon. We were really nervous about how Jenna would do.....this is not a family boat! Dave's boat is extremely loud and is meant to go fast. We got it in the water and Jenna was all smiles. She was even telling him to go faster! We took it through the channel and down to Laketown Beach where we anchored, ate some lunch on the boat and carried our stuff to the beach. We had a ball playing in the sun, swimming in the water (chilly but bearable) and catching some rays. Later in the afternoon we packed back up and headed back to the boat. Jenna was definitely tired by this point....three days of almost non-stop fun with only a short nap on Saturday was catching up with her. We got back to the Holland channel and within minutes of going slow her little head fell forward and she was sound asleep, she must find the loud exhaust of the boat soothing? When we got in back on the trailer she even stayed sleeping as we took off her life jacket and got her out of the boat and into the truck - that's tired! We were all VERY tired Sunday night and crashed pretty early. Monday was back to reality but it all seems a little better after a nice fun weekend.

I think the sand was a little hot!

One tired little Jenna!

A Fun Filled Weekend.....Starting on Friday

We spent the 4th of July with family and it was fun! In the morning with went for Breakfast with some of Dave's family. We spent a little time at home before heading to the pool for awhile in the afternoon to see grandma, great grandma and some more family. Jenna was very excited to get to swim but couldn't quite figure out why grandma doesn't know how to swim.
At night we headed to Brad and Danee's to hang out with them and Allee. We roasted hot dogs and tonkas and later on some smores.

Jenna was in quite a goofball mood and was having fun pulling faces at us.
Her favorite thing in the world right now is to "play" with Allee.
Roasting some marshmallows for the smores....turns out Jenna didn't want the smores, just the marshmallow and then some chocolate candy bar but not together.
Jenna had a ball watching the fireworks we bought. It wasn't a big pack since we weren't sure she'd like them so they were done in only a few minutes. She asked if there were more and was really bummed that they were gone. Uncle Brad asked if she wanted more and when she said "yes" he and Dave took off to the gas station to get some. They came back with a much larger pack and they were really quite entertaining for $15 (you get a steal of a deal on fireworks when you buy them at 10:00pm on the 4th). She would cover her eyes if she thought they were too close to her and cover her ears if they were too loud....maybe watching her was more entertaining than the fireworks!

July 2, 2008

Smile Practice :-)

I forgot to add in the last post that Dave and I have the photos back from "smile practice", a.k.a., engagement pictures. We weren't going to have them taken but our photographer really wanted to do them so she could see our personalities before doing the wedding photos and the more I thought about it I figured it would be nice to have some pictures that didn't have us all in wedding attire. If you want to check them out go to http://www.tracyvdmphotography.com and enter the website (some are on her blog as well). Go to Client Proofs and the password is wendim. The object was for them to be fairly casual and relaxed. Some are silly but I'm happy with the end result.

A Day @ The Beach...

Despite being busy we are making some time for fun. It's hard to believe that it is already almost the 4th of July which marks the "halfway" point of summer. It's also hard to believe the wedding is 5 weeks away!!!
Jenna spent the weekend with her dad at the cottage on Big Star. She got to stay an extra couple days for "Kiddie Kuzins Kamp". Papa and Nana Meyer take the grandkids up in various age groups and last weekend was the 3 year olds turn. Along with Luke and Jack (both 3 as well) it sounds like they had a lot of fun. As for liking lake water versus pool water...she loved it. I thought for sure she would be hesitant to jump in the lake but as soon as she saw her older cousin Lindsey head into the water Jenna put her life jacket on and jumped right off the end of the dock! She even loved being thrown from the end of the dock and would come up from the water laughing away! I can't wait to get some pictures.
Yesterday Dave took the day off work and we took Jenna to the beach. It was a great day to go since it was a very comfortable day to spend lounging in the sun and playing in the sand. The water temp was a very cool 67 and while other kids braved it Jenna got up to her tummy and that was enough...thankfully since I had no desire to be in that freezing water. I didn't get many pictures, I just don't like having the camera out in all the sand but here are a couple.
Have a great 4th of July!!!