July 14, 2008

Construction Kid

Rebuilding the bottom two steps of the basement stairs has been Dave's nemace for the last 6 weeks. We had sprayed bug spray after seeing some ants and for the next several days the bottom steps would be covered in dead ants - GROSS! I'm not a fan of bugs and they are even worse when you see them by the hundreds. Dave did some deconstructing of the bottom steps and it was quite damp under there and plenty of dirt and sand to make for a perfect ant home. The wood was a little rotten....what can you expect in a home built in 1918. He decided to rip them out and rebuild them. Ripping them out was easy but getting motivated to rebuild them was not. After a few less than sunny weekend days they are almsot finished (they'll have new vinyl on them in the fall when all the stairs will have new vinyl). Part of the problem with getting them done was that Dave would rather play with Jenna than work on stairs when he was here in the evening and when he did work she always wanted to help! Not really bad problems in my book. Here are some pictures of Jenna helping last week. Don't mind Jenna looking like a complete raggamuffin and the brown vest she is wearing. It is way too small but it is her favorite. I had put it in the basement along with a bag of clothes that need to be stored in her "don't fit anymore" totes. She however found it, put it on and called it her "construction vest".

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Danee said...

That girl keeps me laughing! I can just see her saying it was her construction vest! Think of all the stuff her and Allee will come up with!