July 29, 2008

My busy, daring, darling daughter!

I've been a delinquent poster lately so here's my attempt to catch up. Jenna has been keeping us busy and everyday I just laugh at what this little diva of mine comes up with. A bike ride use to mean putting on the helmet and taking off. Now the dolls and purses need to come along! I don't know that this child will ever be focused enough to get a drivers license :-)

As I put the rest of the toys in the garage because it was starting to rain she decided to climb on top of the Coupe Car rather than put it away. I came around the corner and all she said was "look at me mom, I did it all by myself". Good thing I had the camera on the table to capture this moment to prove to all of you that she'd not always perfect!
"But I'm not sleepy mom", is the nightly bedtime argument......oh really?

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