July 30, 2008

Then there were presents!

After making cake we went to Aunt Jan's pool for the afternoon and hung out with Auntie Nae, Allee and Grandma. When Dave came over after work we decided to let her get her first present so she could actually use it for a little bit....a new bike! Hers was really too small for her and since it had been given to us by a neighbor we decided to get her one of her own, and one that was more her size. She was so excited waiting on the front porch with her eyes covered....amazingly she didn't peek!

After dinner came the rest of the presents...her reactions were so cute to watch and she was being such a girl...."oh it's adorable".
After presents she rode her bike to the park while Dave and I walked along. We had fun playing there for awhile and then headed home for some of that delicious birthday cake.

I hope as her mom I never take for granted these precious moments I have with her....she's getting so big, so fast.

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