August 28, 2008

A 3 Year Old says "cheese"!

Jenna loves taking pictures and usually having her picture taken. We headed over to Tracy's house last week to have her 3 year pictures taken. She was in a really good mood...just SILLY and CRAZY! She's all into posing for the camera and acting like she's 13 not 3. There are still some really cute ones that are all Jenna! Client Proofs, Password: jenna

Haircuts & Playdates

Tuesday was a busy and fun day. We went over to Ann's house early for some haircuts...Jenna made sure to tell her she wanted "just a little bit from the ends"!
Then we packed up the girls and headed to Millennium Park. The day started out as little chilly so we headed to the playground first. After playing for awhile the temperature was warming up so we headed to the picnic area and had some lunch. After that the girls decided the first thing they wanted to do was head to the splash pad and then later we spent some time at the beach. Layna and Jenna had so much fun together and Taryn was so good playing in the sand and in the water, just watching the big kids. Hopefully having a little more flexibility in my work schedule will me lots more play dates with Ann and the girls.

August 22, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

For anyone who would like to view the on-line gallery of our wedding photos taken by Tracy VanderMeulen go to choose "Enter Site", "Client Proofs" and type in Kapenga for the password. There are different galleries set-up so to avaoid having to re-enter the password to move to a new gallery just click on client proofs again.

August 19, 2008

Jumping Jenna....Literally!

Jenna can be so shy and cautious and then other times this little girl proves me wrong. This summer she has grown to love the water. It all started with a life jacket and some convincing that she was going to float without us holding her. Then we moved up to just swimmies and then she wanted to be a big girl and try nothing! She hasn't had official swimming lessons yet but each time in the pool she gets a little better. She is FASCINATED with jumping off the diving board and Matt and Lisa's house. This was her being silly and laughing while jumping!

I caught it on video.....she did this over and over and over until we made her take a break!
She has enjoyed watching the Olympics and even asked if we could go to China....not now sweetie. She did ask her dad why the boy divers were wearing their panties in the pool...guess a 3 year old doesn't quite get what a speedo is!

A great getaway...

Dave and I traveled a few hours north to spend three days on Mackinac Island. It's really hard to believe that someplace so pretty is that close to home. Neither of us had ever stayed overnight on the island so it was a fun experience and very relaxing. We spent a lot of time biking and walking. When we first arrived at our resort, Mission Point, we watched a bride and her father getting out of a horse drawn carriage on the lawn in from of the resort. It was funny to think we had just done the same thing less than a day before. It was a great little getaway before heading back to reality!

August 17, 2008

It's Official....Mr. & Mrs. Kapenga!

Dave and I could not have asked for a more perfect wedding day. From start to finish it was a beautiful day. The weather was perfect for an evening outdoor ceremony and nothing eventful happened. A huge thanks to Tara who helped with Jenna most of the day and night and to Jim and Missy who as the Master and Mistress of Ceremonies made everything happen when it was supposed to. Pastor Steve did a great job with the ceremony and it meant so much to both Dave and I to have someone we know so well marry us. The highlights of the day were probably two from Jenna. One was as the grandparents were being seated she was by her Aunt Nae, curls her hands into fists and raises them in the air as she declares "Aunt Nae I am SOOOOOO Excited!". Second was seeing Travis walk her down the steps and send her in the direction of Aunt Nae and Grandma. She started heading their way when she tripped and fell. She got up, hesitated for a moment and then proceeded to pick up all the flowers that fell out of her basket and continued on her was the most adorable thing ever! Thanks to my brother for stepping up and walking me down the aisle, not everything about the day was easy but I knew my dad was right there with me with that sly little smile he always had on his face. I could go on and on about how much fun I had that day but I don't need to bore you....hopefully the snapshots tell the story. Thanks to all our family and friends who helped make this day possible, we love you all and are so happy you shared this day with us!!!!!

August 8, 2008

Cutest Picture!

Dave's sister Megan took this adroable picture of Jenna and Grace at the park last week- they are SO cute together! Jenna doing fishy face and Gracie giggling at it.

August 6, 2008

Only 2 Days 2 go!

So most of the post are all about Jenna but this one is about me...and Dave. Only a couple more days and I'll have to create a new name for this blog since as of Friday I'll be Wendi Kapenga! I can't believe how fast the summer has gone and how quickly the wedding is approaching. I'm a little nervous but I think most people are for their wedding day. I feel like I'm forgetting something because there is nothing left of my list of things to do. I'm a planner and a delegator so all the details have been finalized and tasks been given, and I'm so thankful for all the people who have willingly helped us out. Best of all the weather looks great which is a huge blessing since the ceremony will be held outside and the Ravines in Saugatuck. We are so excited to celebrate with a small group of family and friends. We'll be headed to Mackinac Island for a long weekend and then be spending a couple days with Jenna to help her adjust to all of this. I'll post pictures as soon as I have some.

So many new toys, so little time...

Uncle Brad, Aunt Nae and Allee gave Jenna a cute tote FILLED with all kinds of activities and crafts which Jenna loved. This was what the family room looked like at 6:30 Sunday morning...she couldn't wait any longer to dig in and see what was in the tote.
Tuesday her friend Jaiden from down the street came to play "crafts" with her. They made an absolute mess but had a ball doing it for almost 2 hours!
Yesterday, Jenna also got to have Allee at her house all day. We were babysitting while aunt Nae went to a class for the day. Allee was full of smiles and Jenna loved being by her, I'm not sure Allee would say the same since most of the time it meant she was being smothered.
This is Jenna being a stinker over the weekend. She was running through the Elmo sprinkler with Dave when she decided it would be funny to hold it and spray him with it!

3 Years Old & Growing...

Jenna had her 3 year check-up last week Tuesday. It's so nice to go to the Dr. and know that no shots are going to be involved. She is a happy, healthy, VERY verbal little girl and we feel very blessed for all those things. She was 33 lbs and 38 1/2 inches tall....putting her in the 75% percentile. She was diagnosed with some seasonal allergies which we suspected and now has some meds that have cleared up her runny nose and itchy eyes. We were concerned about her hearing but it seems to be related to the allergies. We go back in a few weeks to see if the meds have reduced the allergies which will reduce the fluid in her ears. She's got spunk, whit and always lots of love and I couldn't imagine life without her!
When we got home she needed to give her new Bitty Baby a check-up, she looked great too.

Special People!!!

Over the weekend Jenna got to celebrate her birthday two more times, once with my family and another time with Dave's. This little girl was spoiled rotten! It's great that she has so many people who love her to pieces, I don't have pictures of everyone but here are a couple who celebrated with her last weekend.

Here she is with "grandma great" Boetsma (that's was Jenna calls her)

Great grandma and grandpa Overway

Uncle Travis....he teases her so much but she gives it right back to him. They have the funniest bond.

Her new best bud, cousin Allee. She needed to help feed her.

Grace & Jenna...this pair is adorable and trouble all wrapped into one! Grace is one of Dave's nieces and she is 13 months older than Jenna. They are so cute together and for the most part get along great, I think they will have lots of fun together in the years to come.