August 19, 2008

Jumping Jenna....Literally!

Jenna can be so shy and cautious and then other times this little girl proves me wrong. This summer she has grown to love the water. It all started with a life jacket and some convincing that she was going to float without us holding her. Then we moved up to just swimmies and then she wanted to be a big girl and try nothing! She hasn't had official swimming lessons yet but each time in the pool she gets a little better. She is FASCINATED with jumping off the diving board and Matt and Lisa's house. This was her being silly and laughing while jumping!

I caught it on video.....she did this over and over and over until we made her take a break!
She has enjoyed watching the Olympics and even asked if we could go to China....not now sweetie. She did ask her dad why the boy divers were wearing their panties in the pool...guess a 3 year old doesn't quite get what a speedo is!


The DeVries Family said...

What a differnce in onloy a couple months! I cant believe how much she likes the water now! With out her life jacket too!!

TracyVDM said...

That picture of her in the air is hilarious!