August 22, 2008

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

For anyone who would like to view the on-line gallery of our wedding photos taken by Tracy VanderMeulen go to choose "Enter Site", "Client Proofs" and type in Kapenga for the password. There are different galleries set-up so to avaoid having to re-enter the password to move to a new gallery just click on client proofs again.


The DeVries Family said...

Love the pictures! Tracy did an awesome job. I cant believe how many you have to choose from! Good luck to you choosing!

Missy VanderPloeg said...

Wow Wendi!

These are absolutely beautiful. You must be so thrilled! The music brings tears to my eyes as I watched each one!
How perfect it all was and to have the photos to capture it all is so amazing!

Loved it!