August 6, 2008

Special People!!!

Over the weekend Jenna got to celebrate her birthday two more times, once with my family and another time with Dave's. This little girl was spoiled rotten! It's great that she has so many people who love her to pieces, I don't have pictures of everyone but here are a couple who celebrated with her last weekend.

Here she is with "grandma great" Boetsma (that's was Jenna calls her)

Great grandma and grandpa Overway

Uncle Travis....he teases her so much but she gives it right back to him. They have the funniest bond.

Her new best bud, cousin Allee. She needed to help feed her.

Grace & Jenna...this pair is adorable and trouble all wrapped into one! Grace is one of Dave's nieces and she is 13 months older than Jenna. They are so cute together and for the most part get along great, I think they will have lots of fun together in the years to come.

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