September 5, 2008

Not Much Laboring Over Labor Day!

The weekend was absolutely beautiful! Saturday we spent some time at Matt & Lisa's sitting by the pool and then headed to a friend's house at night for a pig roast which was a lot of fun. After church on Sunday we quickly packed up and headed to the beach for an afternoon of sun and sand. It made Dave miss his boat from the aspect of fun on the water but not at all from the work and money pit aspect! The waves were very calm so Jenna had a ball swimming and as always, digging big holes.

Dave took Tuesday off to make it an even longer weekend. We spent the morning at the zoo. It was so fun to watch Jenna's reactions and excitement. We have gone every year and every year she appreciates it more.

She even took the sticks and let birds come right up to her.

When you ask her what her favorite part was the answer changes each time but the tide pool gets mentioned a lot. She thought it was funny that the fish got pushed forward with the waves and then would float backwards....oh to be easily ammused like a child!

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The Nikkel's said...

Jenna looks so old in all your wedding pics and at the zoo. Her hair is beautiful! The wedding looked amazing. I would love to see you sometime!