October 29, 2008

Parties, Pumpkins, Applesauce & Allee

Last week Saturday was a hayride bonanza. We spent the chilly afternoon at the Boetsma fall party. While the weather was less than perfect the rain held off and we were able to take a couple hayrides, stop to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch (which was "created" by my aunts and uncles who love all these little kids!!!), paint pumpkins, get candy galore and even roast some hotdogs and smores.
Jenna and I get ready to go on a hayride with Grandma, Aunt Nae and Allee.
After having fun all afternoon we headed to Oliver's birthday party where we got to go on another hayride and paint more pumpkins. It was really fun seeing everyone again and as always the kids had a ball.

Sunday we managed to finally carve our pumpkins. Jenna thought digging the guts out was fun but lost interest during the carving part....I'm sure being told 100 times she couldn't have a knife played a part in that. She was happy with the end result. We have a small kitchen with a small table so don't mind the fact that we did this on the kitchen floor!
Monday morning we picked up Great Grandma Boetsma and headed to Grandmas house to make some applesauce. Jenna was so excited to wear her new apron from Great Grandma Overway and even more excited that Allee was there since Aunt Nae was home sick. It was a fun way to spend a dreary fall day. We're so lucky to have Great Grandma around to share these times with. She sure doesn't act like she's 91!
We got to have Allee at our house yesterday since Aunt Nae was still sick. I think that makes 6 days in a row that Jenna has gotten to see Allee...poor Allee!

October 22, 2008

Jenna-ism of the Day...

I love the way that kids make you laugh, not just giggle or smile but when they really make you laugh because they are so passionate when they speak. Today in the car on the way home Jenna was talking away to her bitty baby, which is completely normal, and had quite the conversation going on. I didn't particularly like the tone she was using and asked her to stop. The conversation progressed as follows:
Jenna: why can't I talk like that?
Mom: it doesn't sound like a very nice tone.
Jenna: why is it not a nice tone?
Mom: We're supposed to talk kind and it doesn't sound kind.
Jenna: what does it sound like?
Mom: (stumped)....ummm, kind of not nice a little snotty
Jenna: Snotty? what's that?
Mom: When you say words in a not nice way.
Jenna: mom, you don't know what snotty is. Snotty is not what we say it's the stuff that comes out of your nose

End of story...she was right. The score: Jenna 1, Mom 0!

Pumpkin Patch...well, kind of

We decided it was finally about time we headed out to get some pumpkins...especially since the weather doesn't look like it's going to stay very nice. We didn't take a real pumpkin patch trip but we did head to

Green Acres where the selection of pumpkins was huge and somewhat "pumpkin patchy". The bonus of waiting so long is that they were all buy one get one free....what a deal! I think Dave and I had just as much fun as Jenna trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin. Our little softhearted Jenna even found a soft spot for the really ugly pumpkins. She had her choice of every huge and perfect pumpkin but she kept picking the smallest, misshapen, dented and damaged ones...gotta love a girl who sees the beauty in everything. They have other little treats in the store as well and Jenna used her smile and "please Dave" to get herself a bag of homemade Carmel corn...such a pushover - haha. I don't know why Jenna was in such a weird smile mood. We'll carve later in the week, I'm sure it will be a great time.

October 15, 2008

Reading, Running & Hiding

The fall weather we had on Tuesday was GREAT and we made the most of it. I've come to love living close to town and taking advantage of being able to walk places. Yesterday we took a nice long walk to the library and picked out some new books. When we got home the mail had been delivered so we sat on the step to read it. Jenna wanted to see the Parents magazine....good thing I had the camera out since this is not a posed picture at all! Dave had just come home from work and also got quite a kick out of her "lady-likeness".
After dinner we headed outside and played some soccer. Jenna loves getting out her pink ball and going around and around trying to keep it away from us.

This is a girl playing soccer....ALL GIGGLES!!! She did this for a very long time which made bedtime easy. It's a little shaky, sorry.
Then she decided she wanted to play hide and seek. This is her "counting spot" while Dave and I hid.
This is Dave getting a lecture for finding a hiding spot in the tree which Jenna did not like. (note finger pointed at him and she even threw out the "David Michael Kapenga")
When it was her turn to hide I put her in the back of Dave's truck. She didn't want him to find her so this is her telling me to be quiet as I tried to take her picture in her great spot.
What a great day!

October 13, 2008

4 Fun Filled Fall Days

The fun started on Friday. It was so nice outside that we headed to Helder Park with Lisa, Grace and Jacob for a picnic and playtime. Other than tons of bees trying to eat our lunch with us it was a great way to spend a couple hours. Friday night Jenna spent time with Grandma while Dave and I headed to dinner to celebrate his mom's upcoming 50th birthday! We all surprised her at Blue Water Grill, it was a great night!
Saturday night we headed to the Leeuws for a cook-out and campfire. It was a great way to spend such a nice October night. The kids had a ball playing and roasting marshmallows. Jenna was pretty shy when we first got there since this is the first time she's been around this group of Dave's friends but after a little warming up she had fun. Christine Sloothaak bribed the kids for kisses and I think Jenna will affectionately call her "cookie face" from now on (some silly game Chris had going on with the kids). Kylie has some great pics on her blog at http://theleeuws.blogspot.com/
Oh yes, the fun is not over yet. Sunday after church we went to Cranes for lunch and some apple picking with Brad, Danee and Allee. We didn't really need the apples but the lunch and experience for Jenna was very fun. The weather was a little warm and sort of took away from the fall feeling that normally comes with apple picking but it was fun nonetheless.

Jenna showing off the apples

A family picture...why does taking a photo with a 3 year old have to be so hard?!?

Jenna wasn't satisfied with the apples she could reach, she wanted the ones at the top!
After a little time at home in the afternoon we headed to the Kapenga's for some pizza so Sandy could celebrate 50 with the grand kids...all 8 of them! It's a crazy bunch of kids with 5 of the 8 being boys under age 2 but so much fun. It was great to see them running around playing soccer and riding Joey the pony. Jenna LOVED her ride, thanks Amy!

Today we ended this 4 day bonanza of fun by heading to grandma's to help with some yard work. It really wasn't much work, just trimming down her flowers and taking care of some outdoor decorations. Jenna was a big help and thanks to the "butterfly experience" she had at Parkers on Saturday night she loved looking for bugs. Today she found and touched caterpillars, roly poly bugs and watched a praying mantis on the tree. When I told her the little bug she had found was a roly poly she affectionately said "just like baby Allee"..... sorry Allee...rolls are cute at 5 months though!!! Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

October 9, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking???

So I have a question that I'm hoping someone will want to offer an answer to. I have CD's and a hard drive full of pictures, 900 alone from our wedding and the past l6 months of Jenna's life! Needless to say I have no desire to print all these pictures and do the traditional scrap booking like I have done for so long. I did a digital photo album using Picaboo after Dave and I traveled in Europe and it turned out really well as far as quality. Then I did a small one that was used as the guest book at our wedding. I was not as happy with the quality of that one through Snapfish but it was still decent. The above two programs are nice but they don't offer a lot of flexibility and you can't "add" your own embellishments. I know Creative Memories has a software and there are tons of others out there....I've tried to research them on the Internet but there's just so much information and all I want is a simple, flexible program that allows me to have the books printed in a good quality 12 x 12 format.....and not outrageously expensive! So if anyone would like to share their thoughts on the best way to do digital scrap booking please let me know!!!

October 4, 2008

Words that melt your heart...

So often people ask how Jenna is adjusting to Dave being around here all the time and I say "good". For the most part it really has been an easy adjustment for all of us. There are certainly times when she's more apt to ask for mom (i.e. bedtime) but any little kid goes through stages of having a favorite and while at bedtime she looks for me when it comes to running around chasing bunnies, "fixing" things, or riding bike really fast she now has a new buddy and I'm chopped liver! I'm thankful that to this point Jenna has always enjoyed going to her dad's house as well and I know they have some pretty fun filled days. It's just a blessing to know that even though her life is "different" she is one loved little girl! Yesterday as I was leaving to bring her to her dad's for the weekend she stopped at the door and turned to walk back to Dave where he was sitting on the couch. She walked up to him and put her arms around his neck for a big hug. She then looked at him and said "I'm going to daddy's house now and I know you will miss me but I will come back, love you." I wanted to cry at how sweet her little words came out. No more affirmation needed that yes, Jenna has adjusted just fine....and so has Dave!

October 2, 2008

Tree Trimming...

Wedding gifts are typically more fun for girls to open because it's a lot of new kitchen gadgets and things for the house. Dave was really hopeful that some of the items would be exciting for him to open as well....he was pleasantly surprised. Not only did he get several gift cards to Lowes from people Grandpa Wolters did the shopping for him and grandma and Dave was not disappointed by his selection! Dave not only got a wheel barrel and new yard tools (I'm not sure what was wrong with the hand me downs from my dad :-) just kidding - they were in pretty rough shape), he got his very own chainsaw. Not just any chainsaw, a really nice one in the world of chainsaws. I know nothing about them but Dave was geeked to saw the least! He's been looking for something to cut but hello, we live in the city! Finally last week I told him he could cut the crab apple tree in the back yard. It was 3 times the size of what it should be and bees were attracted to all the little apples.....not to mention the lawn is covered by them and then dies. I'm pretty sure a handsaw would have been sufficient but there was no point in arguing the use of a loud power tool. The tree is trimmed....a little more than I was hoping....but he and Jenna had a ball!
Before Dave could leave with the trailer, Jenna needed to pick the apples off the branches. She was all smiles digging through the branches in search of the tiny apples.