October 22, 2008

Jenna-ism of the Day...

I love the way that kids make you laugh, not just giggle or smile but when they really make you laugh because they are so passionate when they speak. Today in the car on the way home Jenna was talking away to her bitty baby, which is completely normal, and had quite the conversation going on. I didn't particularly like the tone she was using and asked her to stop. The conversation progressed as follows:
Jenna: why can't I talk like that?
Mom: it doesn't sound like a very nice tone.
Jenna: why is it not a nice tone?
Mom: We're supposed to talk kind and it doesn't sound kind.
Jenna: what does it sound like?
Mom: (stumped)....ummm, kind of not nice a little snotty
Jenna: Snotty? what's that?
Mom: When you say words in a not nice way.
Jenna: mom, you don't know what snotty is. Snotty is not what we say it's the stuff that comes out of your nose

End of story...she was right. The score: Jenna 1, Mom 0!


The Myrick Family said...

I love reading your blogs about Jenna. They remind me of how smart and innocent 3 year olds are. I can't wait until Payton has such words of wisdom.

Danee said...

I am laughing so hard right now!!!!

The DeVries Family said...

I have never heard a 3 year old talk the way she does. It is hilarious! I totally am laughing out loud!