November 20, 2008

1st Snow = 1st Snowman!

Winter has arrived, at least in some areas, and Jenna couldn't be more thrilled. I'll admit I was really dreading the start of winter figuring it meant another long season of hibernation but I'm starting to have a bit more optimistic attitude. Last year it seemed Jenna would get cold pretty quickly and trying to amble around with those short legs in snow pants and big boots was only fun for a little while. On Tuesday however, she couldn't wait to find those "pants thingy's" (a.k.a snow pants) and her mittens. We headed outside for an afternoon of fun! With legs that have grown substantially since last year making them more proportionate with her very large feet she ran and ran and ran, giggling all the way. A few other things that made the snow fun....

Sledding...yelling "mommy go faster!"

Building a snowman, and eating half the carrot

Testing the ice cicles...

and more ice cicles
Playing on the swing set while it's covered in snow!
A snowy day + lots of giggly play = EASY bedtime...I'm not sure we were out of the room and she was out for the night.

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