January 21, 2009

Winter Fun

It seems as though it has been winter forever! I don't mind snow but the extra cold temps can go away any time. Our house definitely feels a little small after being couped up inside with a 3 1/2 year old. Fortunately she has lots of new toys from Christmas that keep her entertained and she loves going in the basement to rough house with Dave. Last week she dragged Dave tot he bedroom along with her dress up clothes so they could do a "faction show" (aka: fashion show). This is what emerged from the bedroom! I think we need to find more modest dress up clothes :-)
Saturday night Jenna was SO excited to have her cousin Allee coming over. Since my mom and Brad's parents had to go to the same wedding as Brad and Danee the third in line babysitters got the call! Jenna talked all day about how she wanted to take a bath with Allee so she could show her how her new Tinkerbell wand could change the water to blue. It was a fun night.
By Sunday afternoon we all had cabin fever so we bundled up and headed out. The snow was so deep in the backyard that Jenna could hardly walk...those stiff leg snow pants don't make it any easier. She had so much fun playing on her snow covered swing set and being pulled in the sled. Because of all the snow we have out own mini hill in the front yard. I'm hoping it melts so sometime in May. It's hard to sell your house when snow is hiding most of it!
Jenna and Dave going for a ride.


The DeVries Family said...

Haha. What is Jenna wearing with the sunglasses?! Silly girl.

Lana Baker said...

Looks pretty fun at your house!