February 23, 2009

A Mixed Bag Blog....

So I've been a complete blog slacker lately, I mostly blame it on the fact that there isn't much new with us.
I never did post any pictures of our time with the Wustman girls staying here. This was a nightly ritual, they wanted nothing to do with me. They all would pile up on Dave and he would read books.

On the pregnancy front...I'm past the 13 week mark and I was hoping really hard that it would be the week that I'd feel great again....oh such wishful thinking. I am feeling better for longer periods of time but in the last couple weeks I have begun to throw up a lot more again. I am so thankful to be pregnant and will take this as a sign of normal pregnancy but will be delighted when I feel better. This morning Jenna came in the bathroom as I was "gathering myself" after a visit to the porcelain god and said "mommy I will make you feel better with a hug and a kiss, that baby is such a little stinker". How could I not feel better after that! No real belly or weight gain yet but I know it will be coming!

On the house front.... we're still searching...and still trying to sell our house. We get a lot of calls from people interested in renting but we're not willing to rent until we've actually found something. Hopefully we'll have more direction soon, otherwise we'll be putting air conditioning in this house!
On the job front... Dave is still working which is a blessing when so many are not as fortunate. They have had hours cut back but it has been nice having him home on Friday's and we're trying to see the positive side of getting to spend the extra time together. My business has been slow since many companies are cutting back on extra expenditures in the promotions area. If you know of a company, organization or school looking for promotional items and/or apparel of any sort I'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd pass my name along! I can get tons of freebies and will make sure they make it your direction :-)

When Dave is home he and Jenna are quite creative with the toys...I think he was just trying to contain her and all her energy for awhile!

On a family front...just want to say congrats to my little brother for being hired by the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department Reserve Unit and even better, getting a position with the Marine Patrol Division. After graduating with his associates degree in criminal justice and from the police academy at GRCC he was unable to find a job locally (he won't admit it but he likes to be close to his family!). His license expired and he somewhat gave up on his dream of being a cop. He has had a really good full time job at Zeeland Farm Service and even went back to school for a semester to try out finance but it was then that he realized being a cop was his dream. Getting onto the Reserves and the Marine Patrol is a big step in the right direction for his end goal. He plans to re-certify and eventually look for a full-time position in law enforcement. He has met and worked with some wonderful officers who have given him great guidance and friendship along the way. I couldn't be more proud of him and I know my dad is looking down with a BIG smile when Travis is in full uniform. My dad was always so proud of what my brothers dream was and unfortunately never lived to see him fulfill it, sometimes our lives are detoured but ultimately God has his hand guiding us. Best wishes Trav!!!

I'll try to be a better poster in the weeks to come.

February 8, 2009

Sun & Sick...What a weekend combo

First of all I'm so happy to see the sun shining again today! It has seemed like a very long winter and any bit of sunshine reminds me that spring will eventually arrive. In the meantime the last 24 hours have been crazy at our house. It's for sale because we're thinking it might be a bit cozy in here when the baby arrives and that's been confirmed by having my friends two kids stay with us for the weekend while she and her husband are enjoying sunny Cancun! Jenna was so excited to have Layna (4) and Taryn (almost 2) coming to stay. They wasted no time in finding tons of things to do and only leaving small trails to walk through. We even ventured out last night to Red Robin for dinner and they all did great! Taryn in sleeping in our room in the Pack and Play so she was easy to get to bed. Jenna and Layna are sharing Jenna's room and needed a few reminders that it was bedtime. They eventually fell asleep. I wasn't sleeping great because it's very strange having a little one in your room with you again and getting up to pee all the time doesn't make it any easier. At 4:00 am I thought I heard the girls and so did Dave. He jumped faster than I did and when he returned minutes later to our room all her said was "Layna threw up all over her bed". Ugh! Luckily Jenna was sound asleep and never woke up. Bless his heart, Dave was a trooper and proceeded to clean up ALL the mess and start laundry while I made my bed on the couch with Layna. Dave even took Jenna and Taryn to church by himself so that Layna could rest without the temptation of wanting to play. Sorry Jeff and Ann, she's been watching tons of cartoons but it keeps her on the couch. It's so much harder when it's not your own child, even though I know Layna so well. I'm REALLY praying that this doesn't spread through all of us since they are here until Tuesday and then go to another friend who has little ones. I'm finally starting to feel a little better and getting sick mostly only at night (I'm hoping 12 weeks this Friday is my magic week and the sickness is over...may be wishful since it was 14 with Jenna but a girl can hope)....and I really don't want the flu. We're going to spend some time outside this afternoon and hopefully the fresh air will kill the germs :-)

February 4, 2009

Baby K's 1st Photo

It's not the best photo in the world and scanning it didn't make it much better, looks mostly like a bunch of grayish haze but there is a baby. I highlighted him/her with the green box, to the left end is the head. Where the white in the center is where we could see the little heart beating. Not really visible in the scan but above that is where the little hands were moving. To the right end you can where it curves up and then little itty bitty feet (if they follow in big sister Jenna's footsteps they won't be little for long!) Makes it seems SO real!!!

February 3, 2009

Little Heartbeat, Big Smiles

Yesterday afternoon Jenna and I met up with Dave at the Doctor's office. We were all pretty excited hoping to hear the heartbeat and we did. After the usual routine of weight check (ugh), questions and blood pressure check the doctor rolled in the ultrasound machine and dimmed the lights. Dave and Jenna came around the side of me to get a better view. I could see the look on Dave's face and that alone started making me nervous as it seemed like it was taking forever to "locate" the baby. Finally the Dr. had a perfectly clear profile shot. Jenna was taking it all in and watching the screen intently. The baby even jumped which made everyone laugh. Jenna smiled the whole time and thought the best was seeing it's tiny hand moving, looking as though it was waving at us. The heart was beating strong and everything looked great which we are very thankful for. Now the hard part is explaining to Jenna why she has to wait so long to meet her baby brother or sister! I'll scan the first picture of Baby K later and post.