February 3, 2009

Little Heartbeat, Big Smiles

Yesterday afternoon Jenna and I met up with Dave at the Doctor's office. We were all pretty excited hoping to hear the heartbeat and we did. After the usual routine of weight check (ugh), questions and blood pressure check the doctor rolled in the ultrasound machine and dimmed the lights. Dave and Jenna came around the side of me to get a better view. I could see the look on Dave's face and that alone started making me nervous as it seemed like it was taking forever to "locate" the baby. Finally the Dr. had a perfectly clear profile shot. Jenna was taking it all in and watching the screen intently. The baby even jumped which made everyone laugh. Jenna smiled the whole time and thought the best was seeing it's tiny hand moving, looking as though it was waving at us. The heart was beating strong and everything looked great which we are very thankful for. Now the hard part is explaining to Jenna why she has to wait so long to meet her baby brother or sister! I'll scan the first picture of Baby K later and post.


The DeVries Family said...

Aww! I called you yesterday but I am assuming you were in the doctor's office when I called. Glad to hear everything looks ok. I go tomorrow! :)

kylie said...

So glad to hear that all is well and pray that it continues on that way! It is hard for the big siblings to understand, but she will catch on!