April 16, 2009

Baby "K"

Dave and I were thrilled to have our ultrasound this morning. I was anxious just to know that everything was developing as it should, it seems so easy to take for granted all the changes that are occuring with the baby. This is a VERY wiggly baby and proved to be so for the ultrasound as well. We did NOT find out the gender so you will need to wait another 19 weeks (that doesn't seem like very long - yikes)! He/she is growing well and sat still just long enough to get some of the critical measurements and to make sure the head, heart, spine, kidneys, etc are all developing properly. We had to laugh a little when he was looking at the legs, the right leg kept bending back and forth at the knee in a kicking motion...soccer player already....how great for mommy that my belly is his/her ball right now!

Here are a couple of the pictures that I quickly scanned, our scanner isn't the greatest but they'll have to do. We off to Florida in about 6 hours so I better finish packing and prepare myself for this long drive!
Baby "K's" face with hand up by chin
Back of the head and spine
Top of Baby "K's" head and his/her little fingers next to it


The DeVries Family said...

Awww. He is so cute! (yes I say He...that is what you are having-i think) How fun to see him/her. It just makes me so excited for these little ones!

The Myrick Family said...

A Beautiful baby already. :) Have fun in Florida.