May 27, 2009


It was a great Memorial Day weekend! Friday night Dave golfed while Jenna and I ran some errands. Saturday we did some "house things" and then Dave took Jenna to his parents to paint our new address on a big piece of plywood so he could put it up at the lot. I finished up the laundry at home and then went to pick her up. She was so excited to show me the sign they had made. She was also very excited that Grandma Sandy had made some hot dogs on the grill for lunch! We then headed to Great-grandmas house where they were doing some yard cleanup and planting flowers. Even at 92 Grandma still has to supervise everything that's going on, Jenna and I even had to take her to the greenhouse across the street to get a couple more plants. Jenna was VERY excited about the sleepover that she was going to have at Grandma's that night, Allee would be there too. Dave and I had plans to go to the Leeuws for a cookout and my mom had agreed to take Jenna and of course Jenna had to ask if they could have a sleepover, grandma thought that would be fun too! While Dave and I were getting ready Jenna had asked for a snack and a cartoon, knowing that she was so tired from all the activity of the day I thought that was a good idea. Dave walked in to the family room and thought she was just propped up watching television....then we realized she was SOUND ASLEEP!!! How can you fall asleep like this???
We didn't let her sleep too long so that she'd go to bed for grandma. She had a great time at grandma's getting ice cream and taking a bath with Allee, then she even got to sleep with grandma. Dave and I had a great time at the Leeuw's house as well.
Monday wasn't too eventful. Jenna went to her dad's and they had a day full of things to do planned. Dave and I ran around doing some checking on things for the new house and then headed to his sister Lisa's for an afternoon by the pool. A nice relaxing weekend and the best part is the work week is already half done! By the end of the week our lot should have a big hole in the ground and walls next week.

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Tessa leeuw said...

She is sooo stinkin cute! We had fun with you guys too! Thanks for coming over!