May 6, 2009

Tulip Time 2009

Tuesday night Jenna and I headed to Holland for the annual trek to Tulip Time. This year she was actually excited to wear her costume and even left the overpriced wooden shoes on her feet the entire time without complaining. I'll admit I bribed her to take pictures with the promise of her choice of an elephant ear or cotton candy. She of course having a huge sweet tooth opted for the cotton candy! We first met Aunt Nae and Allee there for a couple pictures. It's hilarious to watch these two. Allee can be in the worst of moods but the second she sees Jenna it's all smiles! Needless to say when Danee was trying to get pictures of Allee alone it was Jenna who was playing photographers assistant and getting all the smiles out of Allee.

Dave is still in CT until Friday. He was really bummed he couldn't make it there with us and see Jenna all dressed up. If the weather is nice Friday night we might have time to head back down, otherwise for 2009 a photo of Jenna, Mom and Baby K will have to do.

After we grabbed a quick bite to eat Jenna and I headed back to the park to meet up with Dave's entire family....this was going to be interesting! 8 kids with 5 of them being under 2 1/2. They did surprisingly well and we all quickly snapped pictures. Megan had some great ones so I'll have to get some from her, this was the best I had.
Back Row: Hannah, Grace, Oliver, Jenna Front Row: Jonas, Silas, Evan, Jacob

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The DeVries Family said...

I was suprised at how well they all did. They managed to sit still pretty long so I was happy. If you ever want any let me know.