July 14, 2009

Catching Up!

Time is flying by this summer and I'm a little behind on posting pictures so here's a bunch of what we've been up to other than building and baby! Jenna has always LOVED corn on the cob and begs for it when we see it at the grocery store. Last night she got her wish of corn on the cob for dinner.

She and Dave also spent some time on the swingset playing before it gets moved later in the week.

She was very excited that Allee got to come to our house yesterday morning. Once she saw Allee's shirt she new exactly what she wanted to wear...of course she wanted to match Allee.

Saturday was my birthday, they are not so exciting when you get older. I can't believe I'm 32 already! Jenna was very proud of the cards and gifts she helped pick out for me. Even though I wasn't all that excited to celebrate being another year older I feel very blessed to have Dave and Jenna to celebrate with!

Jenna has heard the ice cream truck a hundred times but we've never actually gotten anything (we visit Captain Sundae enough). We decided since we're moving on Saturday she could be a little spoiled and get some ice cream, she was more than excited.

The nice warm days have made for perfect beach weather. Last week Sunday afternoon we headed to Ottawa Beach and just relaxed. It was so much fun playing in the sand, taking walks, playing in the water (which was very chilly but how can you avoid it once you have kids), and just relaxing. Jenna was a little cold after swimming so I got some cuddles out of it, won't pass those up.

The 4th of July we went to the Allendale Parade in the morning and then to my mom's at night for hot dogs over the campfire and a great fireworks display by Uncle Brad! On Friday night we went to the fireworks in Holland.

Dave & Jenna waiting for the fireworks to begin, she was SO excited!

Our little diva...when I ask if I can take her picture this is what I get. She has her 4 year pictures taken in a couple weeks, I'm hoping some of them make her look 4 and not 14, she's growing up too fast!!!

The house is almost packed up and on Saturday we'll finish the moving. I've had to recognize the limits of being almost 34 weeks pregnant and moving since I overdid it a little on Saturday and paid for it Saturday night. I still feel really good and everything with the baby looked great at my Dr.s appointment yesterday. They are concerned that my hemoglobin is currently quite low for a healthy person, let alone someone who is weeks from giving birth. There is thankfully time to try to correct this so hopefully we can get it back to where it should be in the next couple weeks.

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer!!!

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