July 29, 2009

Already 4!

I can't believe it Jenna, you turned 4 yesterday! Where has the time gone? You are such a sweet little girl with the best personality a mom could ask for. Sure at times you act WAY older than I wish you would but all in all you're just so lovable. In 4 short years you've experienced a lot in life and I think that's partly what has made you such an easy going, funny yet sweet and caring little girl. I love to watch you play with your Bitty Baby (you think nobody is watching) and act like a little mom, I know in a couple more weeks you're going to make a great big sister! You amaze me everyday with the things you learn (like bringing me the "mail" you had made for me and correctly writing "mommy" on the envelope without anyone's help) and the independence you gain. Thank you for all your smiles and hugs that make each day so special. Love, Mom

Yesterday we celebrated Jenna's birthday with her #4 pancake which she thoroughly enjoyed. Then after spending the morning playing we headed to Grand Rapids so she could have birthday lunch with her dad at none other than McDonalds. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home to pick up the food she had chosen for her "birthday meal" (as she called it)...Chicken Cordon Blue, corn on the cob and potatoes! I thought it was a delicious meal but I still laugh that it's a 4 year olds favorite! She was excited that since we live at grandma's house right now she got to enjoy birthday dinner with Gram and Uncle Travis as well. Allee and Aunt Nae stopped by in the afternoon with some cupcakes....yummmmmmmy!!!!!

After all the eating it was time for presents, she was so excited and was trying to guess all day what they could be. First was the ball glove and ball, pink of course. She was thrilled since she loves to play catch and I've been asked several times why she has a ball glove at daddy's but not at mommy's.

After some other little gifts her eyes grew wide as she stared at the big box still waiting to be opened. We found her a Step 2 brand Vanity with a mirror and little stool. She LOVED it!

After finding all her lip glosses and nail polish Dave was her first client, he just got a haircut though :-). I think this will provide hours of fun as it was the first thing she went to play with this morning.

Dave & I with the birthday girl! Not much longer and we'll be a family of 4.

When putting her to bed last night I asked her if she had a good birthday, her response was "it sure was a busy day mom but it was a great day".

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The DeVries Family said...

Uhh! I thought about her yesterday and was going to call you, then forgot. Happy Birthday Jenna! We love you!