July 8, 2009

Just a Roof Thing...

I know the title of the post sounds a little odd, who really cares about a roof as long as it's functioning properly. Well there are no problems with the roof at our current house, new house, or our temporary house (my moms) so for that I am grateful.

The "roof" has just been one of those memory moments, the ones that sneak up on you and remind you of how much someone who is no longer in your life is missed. Dave, along with his brother-in-law Ryan, have been working on roofing our new house. I am so grateful to Ryan for his help in making sure the project is done correctly, and to Matt and Travis for their help too. The roofing project has just made me think so much about my dad. He worked his entire life in construction and if he were still alive I know he would be there every night after work up on that roof. We laugh that all the projects my mom had for him were on a 5 year plan....they'd get done within 5 years. If one of his girls needed help with something we were on more of a 5 day plan. His hard working, generous, selfless nature will never be forgotten and it's because of moments like this current "roof thing". As Dave and my brother Travis were up there last night Dave joked, "Al would probably have this done by now" and Trav joked back "and he'd be telling us to hurry our @$$es up".

After my dad died people who had experienced the same loss said I would be reminded vividly of him sometime and this is one of those times. I can see him in his work t-shirt, jeans and boots with his tool belt around his waist, hat cocked just so on his head and hear his voice as he kindly explained with his quirky grin to the inexperienced helpers how they should be doing something. So dad as you're watching this roof project take place, hopefully it's up to par with your standards :-), know that you are missed but never forgotten....I am grateful for the memories, even the ones like the "roof thing" that seem so odd.

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