August 4, 2009

36 Weeks & A Busy Weekend

Last Friday marked the 36the week of pregnancy for me. I still feel really good other than the typical uncomfortable sleeping and carrying Jenna is getting harder...the baby is still really high so there just isn't room even for her skinny legs to wrap around that belly of mine. I don't have the mindset of having the baby early so I'll plan on 3 1/2 weeks to go as of today!
Friday night we celebrated Jenna's birthday at Helder Park with my family and Dave's family. There were lots of kids and lots of fun. It was a perfect night to be outside and having the park right there kept the kids very entertained. Jenna was so excited it was her party and she had a lot of fun! I have lots of pictures but too many to post right now.

Saturday was a low key day hanging out at home (aka: grandma's house). Jenna helped me wash several baby items and get some things organized. She was so cute folding all the little clothes after I washed them. Sunday after church we spent the afternoon at Dave's sisters house where we were able to enjoy a get together with the entire Wolter's family! It was a perfect day for it. By the time we left I was tired....Gracie and Jenna wore me out in the pool with all their jumping, sliding and swimming...but it was fun even if I paid for it a little the next day.

Hope you all have a great week!

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