August 27, 2009

Nothing Special, just an update...

I haven't posted in awhile So I figured I should do that before baby "k" is rightfully taking up most of my time and blogging will take a big back seat. We're still plugging along. Jenna is getting excited for school to start and at least once a day we have to play school for a little while. Some days she's the teacher and other days she wants to be the "student". I marvel all the time at how much she changes every day and all the things she learns along the way. Lately when we go to the store she needs her paper and pen so she can make a "list". She will pretend to be writing things down as I shop and at times even wants to know how to really spell the words. She has most of our names mastered so we often leave the store with sheets of paper filled with our names in her sweet little handwriting. She has the sweetest nature and loves to help with everything, should be very interesting when the baby arrives. As we get closer to welcoming baby I find myself a little sad that she will not longer get all of my attention and we will not have as much time to do our typical fun things, yet I realize what a big girl she is becoming....maybe that's actually what makes me a little sad :-)

The house is coming along nicely, the process has been fairly painless and has gone well. Dave's brother John is currently in there painting and after that we need some carpet, countertops and some fixtures. All the other flooring is done thanks to our brother-in-law Ryan who did all the tile and wood flooring a couple weeks ago. We even managed in the last two nights to get some cabinet and door hardware on....anything that can be done before baby comes we'll do! This weekend is hopefully dry enough for some more concrete for the front porch and then soon to follow a driveway....which will be so nice because clay and all this rain do NOT make it easy to get up to the house! I'll post pictures soon, just haven't been remembering to take my camera along.

Last but not least, pregnancy! I have actually been enjoying the last little bit of pregnancy. Sure sleeping is mcuh to be desired but hey, when the baby comes it's not going to be any better! We are all getting very excited to meet the baby and find out if we will be welcoming a little girl or boy into our lives. I've had a lot of contractions but none of them have been the real thing yet. My due date is tomorrow but I'm sure I'll go over by a few days as I did with Jenna and that's ok. Until then I realize there are things to cherish about being pregnant..... those little kicks and hiccups that you feel and miss once the baby is born, the genuine excitement and anticipation that comes with waiting for the little bundle of joy, the excuse you have to wear all things with elastic waistbands and not worrying about if the outfit makes you "look fat", decorating a nursery for the baby....even though really they can't tell at all what their room looks like :-), picking out baby stuff at the store and marveling at how little newborn diapers are, watching your husbands face light up when he feels the baby kicking, realizing how fortunate I am (unlike so many who pray endlessly for this opportunity) that I am blessed to carry this child and have done so for the entire 40 weeks without any complications, the pure miracle of the entire process when you think of how this little baby began to form so many weeks ago. God has perfect timing and knows better than I do when this baby is supposed to arrive and until then we will patiently wait and enjoy our family of 3. Maybe the next post will be announcing the arrival of baby Kapenga?!?


The DeVries Family said...

I cant wait! I am so excited to see Dave with a newborn! :-) Cant wait to find out what little baby kapenga will be!

kylie said...

So happy that things are going well. Can't wait to hear the news! Pray for a happy and healthy delivery and baby!