September 21, 2009

Busy but so Blessed!

I cannot believe that Garrett will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. The last 3 weeks have been very busy with a newborn, building a house and getting Jenna started in preschool, but we've all adjusted and everyone is doing well. We are hoping to possibly move this weekend if our final inspection passes on Friday. Jenna is SO excited to be in her purple room and we are ready to get settled in!
Garrett has been doing great and so far is a good baby. I'll say "so far" because all newborns seem to have a honeymoon period and then show their true colors :-). I don't want to jinx myself. He was 8lbs 3ozs at birth and was 7lbs 10ozs when we took him home. One week later at his check-up he was already 8lbs 8 ozs...obviously eating is NOT a problem for him. He does well at night going in 4 hour stretches. He does spit more than Jenna ever did but the Dr. had warned me about this because it is evident how fast he chugs when he's nursing while Jenna was a very slow eater. Since he was such a quick weight gainer we don't need to go back until his 2 month check-up. We had a blast getting his newborn pictures done by Tracy, she is the best! It will be hard to choose once again. Here are a few snapshots for those of you who have been anxiously awaiting an update.....

Jenna is quite the little mommy to Garrett, otherwise this should be stated as I cannot leave her alone in a room with him! She loves to hold him, give him kisses and cover him up with blankets, bounce him in his bouncy and rub his cheeks. These are all wonderful things except she isn't always so careful when doing them. I know she means well so we'll keep practicing.

She did get a break from being "mini-mommy" when her dad took her to a Detroit Tigers game. She was so excited to go and talked non-stop about it when she got home. Of course she needed pink tigers gear since all the blue is for boys according to her. Here she is all ready to go!

As I mentioned, Jenna started preschool at Zeeland Christian. She is loving it so far. Friday when I picked her up I asked her what her favorite thing about the day was and she said "I loved all of it mom" to my ears from our little shy one! I asked her if she met any new kids and she said "Yep, I have a new friend but I don't know her name because she didn't tell me and I can't read her nametag yet", so cute.

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