October 7, 2009

"Growing like a Weed"

While living with my mom prior to moving Jenna would hear that phrase a lot in reference to how quickly Garrett was changing. So much so that when she was asked by her cousin if she liked having a baby brother she said "yes, and he's growing like a weed". I am certainly happy that he is a very healthy baby and a great eater so he is growing like crazy, yet it makes me a little sad to think of how much he has grown in 5 short weeks.

I know I will get reprimanded from someone for letting him sleep on his tummy but I was in the same room and he looked so cute all snuggled in a little ball.

Sunday afternoon relaxing, one full chair but I don't think Dave was complaining!

Just before we moved out of my mom's we had a campfire night in the backyard with Brad, Danee and Allee. Garrett had to join the fun for a little while so we bundled him up and took him outside. He seemed to love it until he got too warm.

Garrett certainly has a lot of his daddy's features but everytime I see his big blue eyes open it reminds me of Jenna as a baby. Dave was holding out hope that they would turn green yet like his but I think he should just accept the fact that they are getting more blue by the day.
Garrett has been a great baby. He is very content most of the time (sans when his sister is poking, proding and bugging him like crazy). He's put himslef on a pretty nice schedule of eating every three hours during the day and going to bed around 10 and sleeping until 3:30 - 4:00 in the morning, eating quickly, and gong back down until 7:00ish. Jenna is up around 6:30 so this gives her and I a chance to snuggle for a few minutes. Garrett loves to be held up on your shoulder so he can hold his head up and look around. He has started to find a little voice so he makes more cooing sounds rather than just the grunts and baby noises. It's funny to watch because he seems to startle even himself when he does it. My favorite though is his smile...

It melts my heart to see his little lips curl into a smile along with his big blue eyes. He's such a special little guy and we wouldn't trade him for the world!

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The DeVries Family said...

alivia sleeps better on her tummy too! I dont let her sleep like that at night but during the day, as long as shes happy!! garrett is a monster! I cant believe how big these two babes are!