January 11, 2010

Fun @ 4 months...

Really?  Is it possible that Garrett is 4 months old already!  We couldn't be having more fun.  Jenna LOVES her little brother and each day we watch as he discovers the world around him.  His smile is contagious and his laugh is cute enough to brighten any glum mood.  I really do think he grows by the day, his 4 month stats:
18lbs  5ozs
25 1/2 inches long

For those of you who have big babies this may seem like no big deal.  To me it seems so big since Jenna was always a little peanut.  We'll keep him, chubs and all!

Other than growing healthy and strong he enjoys...
  • his jumperoo/exersaucer...when he gets jumping it's the cutest thing ever and it's as though he just can't stop himself.  He thinks he pretty big stuff and laughs and laughs at himself. 
  • tummy time...Jenna took her sweet time to enjoy the world from her belly but this little guy actually likes it. I think he's just nosey and doesn't want to be left out of anything that his sister is doing
  • sitting in your bumbo chair....sorry it's pink and purple!  Each week night when I make dinner Garrett sits in his bumbo on the island and watches and "talks" to me, maybe he'll learn to cook and be my helper :-)
  • "airplane" rides....despite the drool that the pilot has to endure they are also treated to giggles and smiles by this delightful passenger! 
We get lots of laughs when watching you roll over and we wonder each morning how you get completely turned around in your crib as you sleep???

It's hard to see time passing so quickly but we're enjoying EVERY minute of it!!!


The DeVries Family said...

I cant believe what great head control he has when he is on his tummy! Livvy hates tummy time and just plows her face into the carpet. Cute pics! How is it possible that they are 4 months already!?

The Kapenga's + Jenna said...

It amazes me too Megan! He'll probably take forever to be mobile since he's a tank so at least he can see the world around him :-). Jenna was more like Liv...didn't like her tummy so she just plopped her head down. I still can't believe how fast they are growing and that 4+ months have gone by!!!

The Rotman's said...

Darling pics. He is such a cute little peanut.