February 24, 2010

A wonderful winter week...

Dave and Jenna rode the quad and Dave's snowmobile for a little while at his parents house.  It was pretty chilly out so the ride didn't last too long, but was fun anyway!

Then after shoveling the driveway they decided to have a snowball fight.  Garrett and I watched from inside, maybe next year he'll be the one throwing snow at her...
Garrett loves his cereal so we added some baby food to the mix.  I used avacados to make some baby food and when I was done mashing it up Jenna looked and it and said "there is no way he's going to eat that mom, it's disgusting!"  She was shocked to learn that she too ate this and liked it when she was a baby!
After a full tummy it's naptime...he is a crazy sleeper!  He twists and wiggles around in his crib until his legs are sticking out the sides, this is only a problem when he wants to flip to his tummy but can't because his legs are stuck.
It was nice to occasionally put him in the bouncy seat when I needed to keep him safe from his sister but apparently he's too big for it now!  If you buckle him in he just sits up.
We hear a lot of comments about how big his hands are...and they are rather large but so is the rest of him.  He now has little rolls for wrists and dimples on every knuckle, they are more like paws than hands.  It won't be long and these hands will be getting ito everything! 
Last week Wednesday Garrett started coughing.  Thursday morning he woke up with one tooth and by the time we put him to bed at night he had a second one!  Friday morning he woke up and the cough was more of a wheeze so I called the doctor.  I almost called later in the day to cancel the appointment I had made because he was still acting so happy...he just didn't sound right though  and wasn't eating well so we went.  Glad I did, on top of cutting his teeth he had the start of an ear infection and tested positive for RSV.  He responded well to the nebulizer treatment in the office so we were sent home with one for the weekend.  He was such a trooper and most of the time would sit contently or just fall to sleep during each treatment.  By his appointment on Monday he was breathing much better!  If I have to have a sick baby at least he's still happy!  Now after a few days of coughing up everything he'd eat and lots of dirty diapers due to the meds we just need to work on getting him back on schedule.
Despite being sick he was still full of smiles! 
I promised Jenna the next post would have more pictures of her :-).  She is doing well too and having lots of fun at school and playing with her friends.  It's so hard to believe she's growing up so fast!

February 13, 2010

All the love...

Kennedy, Garrett & Jenna...

Friday after preschool we headed to McDonalds with the Rotman crew.  The girls were so excited to come back to our house to play that they didn't even want to play at McDonalds!  So home we went.  Kennedy and Jenna stayed very busy playing and it was so cute to watch.  They have such big imaginations and were making up all kinds of games.  They of course wanted Garrett to be in on the action.  I had to remind them that he can't really "play" yet but he could watch.  They did singing shows and danced for him, pretended he was their baby brother and even tried to feed him a pretend bottle.  We also had lots of fun making puzzles, coloring and playing a few games of Dora Memory, such sweet little girls.  After having pizza with the rest of the Rotman family the girls decided to cuddle up in the pillows and blankets on the floor and watch a movie, I think they would have fallen asleep had we not made them get up....it was a busy day!

Jenna & Garrett
Kennedy & Garrett
Thursday night I helped Jenna make her Valentine crads for preschool on Friday.  She wanted to write ALL the names herself.  I was so proud of her for even wanting to do this and even more proud that she stuck with it and did not complain!  After about 45 minutes (a couple breaks for what she called a sore hand) and we had all 21 done.  Hopefully it's always this easy getting her to love doing school work....but I won't plan on it!
Dave knows how much I love gerber daisies and last week he surprised me by having a delivery made while he was at work.  The unexpected surprise and thoughfulness was so sweet and with a card that read "thanks for all you do" made me feel pretty appreciated.  Thanks babe!

February 8, 2010

Catchin' up...

Is it really February already?  We haven't really been up to anything all that exciting but we're having a good time anyway, guess life really is what you make it.  The cold weather has meant plenty of days spent indoors (and when you work from home this can make some days seem REALLY long) but we've found lots to do.  Jenna continues to smother her brother with love....at least that what she thinks, Garrett might just think all her attention is just plain annoying at times!  We spend lots of time with Jenna doing crafts, coloring, reading books and playing store and beauty salon...a couple of her favorites.  She also loves games so there have been plenty of rounds of Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Old Maid, Go Fish, Memory and Guess Who just to name a few.  We're open to suggestions of new fun games.  She also learned how to play tic-tac-toe and legitamately beat her Uncle Travis, he was a little shocked that he lost :-).
Daddy & Garrett
Jenna winning a round of Uno
Jenna comes up with plenty of fun games for her and Garrett to play too....
Jenna made Garrett one of her students along with all her stuffed animals.  He thought it was great fun sitting with all the animals around and listening to Jenna talk and talk and talk.
Jenna teaching Garrett how to play with the farm toys he got for Christmas, he actually paid attention to her for quite awhile!
Jenna's latest and greatest is covering Garretts jumperoo with a blanket and making him his own little tent.  By the look on his face he doesn't seem to mind too much
(he might actually like it since it's kind of like hiding from her)

A couple weeks ago Jenna was the Star Helper at Preschool.  She also got to celebrate her 1/2 birthday because she has a summer birthday.  It was so fun to spend the morning in her classroom with her!
Garrett is a healthy and happy 5 month old.  We love him to pieces....especially those cheeks!   No surprise he loves his cereal, it is food afterall.  Rolling, giggling, drooling like crazy, trying to sit up, jumping like crazy when you stand him up....he's such a content and happy baby....we're having so much fun!