February 13, 2010

All the love...

Kennedy, Garrett & Jenna...

Friday after preschool we headed to McDonalds with the Rotman crew.  The girls were so excited to come back to our house to play that they didn't even want to play at McDonalds!  So home we went.  Kennedy and Jenna stayed very busy playing and it was so cute to watch.  They have such big imaginations and were making up all kinds of games.  They of course wanted Garrett to be in on the action.  I had to remind them that he can't really "play" yet but he could watch.  They did singing shows and danced for him, pretended he was their baby brother and even tried to feed him a pretend bottle.  We also had lots of fun making puzzles, coloring and playing a few games of Dora Memory, such sweet little girls.  After having pizza with the rest of the Rotman family the girls decided to cuddle up in the pillows and blankets on the floor and watch a movie, I think they would have fallen asleep had we not made them get up....it was a busy day!

Jenna & Garrett
Kennedy & Garrett
Thursday night I helped Jenna make her Valentine crads for preschool on Friday.  She wanted to write ALL the names herself.  I was so proud of her for even wanting to do this and even more proud that she stuck with it and did not complain!  After about 45 minutes (a couple breaks for what she called a sore hand) and we had all 21 done.  Hopefully it's always this easy getting her to love doing school work....but I won't plan on it!
Dave knows how much I love gerber daisies and last week he surprised me by having a delivery made while he was at work.  The unexpected surprise and thoughfulness was so sweet and with a card that read "thanks for all you do" made me feel pretty appreciated.  Thanks babe!

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The Rotman's said...

Such darlings pics. Kennedy had so much fun at your house and we did as well. Thanks again. We'll have to return the favor soon and have Jenna come to our house for the afternoon.