March 31, 2010

Movie Night

  A couple weeks ago on a Friday night we had a movie night.  Jenna picked one of her favorite VeggieTale movies ans set-up her spot to watch.  Garrett enjoyed getting to snuggle up to Jenna.
Garrett decided to checkout what was in the bowl...
and then thought he was big enough to try to get some to eat.  Not yet buddy!

March 9, 2010

Go Fast, Growing Fast!

A couple weeks ago Dave and Matt took the kids for some sled rides behind the snowmobiles.  The kids were so excited and had a lot of fun, especially telling Dave to "Go faster".  Jenna and Gracie donned some shades to keep the cold air off their eyes....pretty stylish sledders if I say so myself.
Thank goodness Grandma Sandy bought a big sled so all four could ride together.  Grace, Jenna, Jacob and Hannah all rode together and it worked quite well.

How can Garrett be 6 months old already.  I know I sound like a broken record but seriously time is flying and he is growing so fast!  He's had some pretty big firsts in the last month including the not so fun being sick for the first time.  He also got his first two teeth!  He loves his cereal and baby food and finds it rather entertaining to make motorboat sounds and see how much of it he can spit on the poor person feeding him.  He sits up all by himself and loves playing with toys in front of he can keep a better watch out for his sister trying to sneak up to bug him.  It's so cute to see him put his little arms in the air if he wants you to pick him up.  We don't have his 6 month appointment until next week but when he was sick and we had him to the doctor he was 20lbs 3ozs.  It's so fun to watch him grow and learn...just love this little man!