April 21, 2010

The big 3-0!

We recently had a big birthday in our house, Dave turned 30!  With several family events going on during the month of April it just wasn't going to work for us to get away for his birthday like we had hoped to so we've postponed that until fall.  Jenna was so excited it was his birthday so I thought we could have some fun and so some special things. 
She was so excited to go to the store to pick out decorations and decorate the house.  She's a very particular little girl and I had to do it just right for her.  This is where she decided to hang the happy birthday banner.  Then there were balloons and streamers too!

She even wanted to put a note on the door so Dave would have to knock before he came in the house after work, that way she wouldn't miss being able to surprise him.  As you can tell by his smile he thought it was pretty cute.
Before heading out to eat Dave opened his cards and presents with the kids help of course!
Jenna insisted that we have cake BEFORE dinner.  Since Dave is always a sucker for Jenna's request, she got her wish of cake before dinner.  She wanted me to write on the cake but she did the rest of the decorating.  She knows Dave loves strawberry so she picked strawberry cake mix, it wasn't bad and Dave loved all the effort she put into making his day special!
We love you Honey/Daddy/Dave, and wich you many more wonderful years!

Silly 7th Month Old!

A little delayed in posting Garrett's 7 Month snapshots but better late than never!  He is growing up so fast, it seems that everyday he changes in some way.  The fist month I took his picture on the blue blanket he looked so little (and laid so still), not he's as big as the blanket and I had a hard time taking one without him grabbing the paper and rolling away.
Garrett has his two bottom teeth and one top one has broken through with another close behind.  He has been up on all fours rocking away now for a couple weeks but all he goes is backwards and mommy is fine with that.  If he crawls as quick as he rolls all over we're in trouble (and so is his sister).
He loves eating and we haven't found a food that he dislikes yet.  Jenna snuck him some Cheerios from her breakfast a couple weeks ago and he did really well with them so he's been getting them more frequently and loves them.  We love to listen to him "talk".  His favorite noise is clicking his tounge and making motorboat sounds....very loudly with TONS of drool. 
He'll give just about anybody smiles and will put his hands out to you if he wants to come to you...of course when he's by mom he just teases everyone and burries his head in my shoulder and giggles, love it!
While he still loves sitting in his bouncer and jumping like crazy, he really is so content sitting on the floor playing with toys.  His favorite is his Leap Frog drum, which can be loud when he's banging away!  Apparently Jenna isn't too fond of it either as it has gone MIA on more than one occassion.  I'll find it hidden under the bed, inside an end table cabinet and ask her if she put it there....her response "yes mom, but it's SO annoying!"  Oh dear Jenna, your little brother has only just begun to be annoying to you.  He as even shown his fiesty side and will grunt or yell in protest when she takes a toy away from him or moves him out of her way.  Watch out Jenna!
We've been spending a lot of time outside enjoying the nice weather.  He really enjoys being in the stroller and playing with toys on the deck or on a blanket in the driveway.  Sorry buddy, we'll eventually have grass for you to play in.
Can't wait to see what the next month has in store for our little Garrett!

April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

I love Easter and the sense of renewal that it brings.  I can't help but feel blessed when I sit back and reflect on what Easter means.  I read several Facebook posts about the feelings people had on Easter and their joy to celebrate the day, I wish we could have the same sense of "joy" about every day, afterall, the gift that Jesus gave us that day is relevant 364 other days of the year.  After attending the Good Friday and Easter morning servicces at our church I felt more than just the typical "happy Easter" feeling.  As Christians so often we are able to say that we believe in all God did/does for us yet we complain about the things, lots of things and circumstances of our life. At times when the circumstances are more challenging than we want to deal with we even ask God "why".  Yet, Jesus GAVE himself up for us WITHOUT complaining.  He personally gained nothing from hanging on that cross to die.  Kinda makes me think I should live my life with the same type of willingness to follow the will of my Heavenly Father and his plan for my life and I realize that a good majority of the situations we find ourselves in that we are unhappy about are because of our our doing, our own desire to achieve personal gain....yet we complain...doesn't seem quite right does it?  My prayer is that in the days, weeks and months to come I will have a much greater appreciation for the fact He did this for me without complaining!

I hope your Easter was a blessing to you as well!

April 6, 2010

Wiggle, Wiggle & Bang!

Ever since Garrett figured out how to sit up he's been testing the waters of how to move around more and more.  He rolls all over the family room floor and recently started wiggling himself up onto all fours...yikes!
He loves taking a bath with Jenna but she tends to get a little rough so we put him in his seat yet for his own safety.  He loves to banng on it and make noise!

Love the Feeling of Spring!

We were fortunate to have the feeling of spring arrive a little early this year and March brought some unexpected warm temps.  After what felt like a long winter of being inside, we all spent as much time as we could outside enjoying the weater.
Jenna was so excited to get out the rollerskates, her scooter and her bike.
Why color inside when you can do it on the deck and enjoy the sunshine!
Garrett was so happy being outside as well.  After going for a walk we took the toys outside and enjoyed some fresh air.  I think we'll be spending a LOT of time outside this summer since both kids really enjoy being outside.  The neighbors behind us have a large swingset and told us to go ahead and put a baby swing on it for Garrett since we won't be able to "play" in our yard mcuh this spring. Hopefully we can get a yard in as soon as possible or this mommy is going to be doing lots and lots of very dirty laundry.  We'll still have plenty of "dirt" for Garrett to play in since Dave has worked a very big sandbox into the landscaping plan....can't wait!
He loves the music that plays when you bang the drum.  He bangs and bangs and bangs on it.  Jenna will usually take it away from him after 15 minutes and tell me "it's so annoying mom"...too bad sweetie, he's only just begun to annoy you.

Yeah Nemo!

Yeah Girls Night and yeah Nemo!
A couple weeks ago we headed to McDonalds and then to the VanAndel with some of my friends and the little girls.  We surprised them by going to the opening night of Disney's Nemo on Ice.  Jenna was so exited and we had a very fun night.
What a great night to spend with my little girl!

Silly Kids...

Betcha can't guess who put the shades on Garrett?  Oh his dear darling sister is always up to something!
Jenna and her St. Patty's Day sunglassess.
Garrett started sitting just before he turned 6 months old, he LOVES being able to see everything around him and play.  This also means he can see what his sister leaves laying around and he rolls and rolls until he gets it.  One of his favorites is the remote control.  Good thing we kept the one from our TV that broke.
Jenna wanted to make some muffins, so while Garrett was fown for a nap that is exactly what we did.  There are plenty of times that I wish I would get some quiet time during the day to get things done but then again no amount of "me" time is worth giving up the special time I get to spend with her.  All too soon she'll be in school everyday and all I'll want is to have these moments back.
Garrett and his biscuit...this boy loves food!