April 21, 2010

The big 3-0!

We recently had a big birthday in our house, Dave turned 30!  With several family events going on during the month of April it just wasn't going to work for us to get away for his birthday like we had hoped to so we've postponed that until fall.  Jenna was so excited it was his birthday so I thought we could have some fun and so some special things. 
She was so excited to go to the store to pick out decorations and decorate the house.  She's a very particular little girl and I had to do it just right for her.  This is where she decided to hang the happy birthday banner.  Then there were balloons and streamers too!

She even wanted to put a note on the door so Dave would have to knock before he came in the house after work, that way she wouldn't miss being able to surprise him.  As you can tell by his smile he thought it was pretty cute.
Before heading out to eat Dave opened his cards and presents with the kids help of course!
Jenna insisted that we have cake BEFORE dinner.  Since Dave is always a sucker for Jenna's request, she got her wish of cake before dinner.  She wanted me to write on the cake but she did the rest of the decorating.  She knows Dave loves strawberry so she picked strawberry cake mix, it wasn't bad and Dave loved all the effort she put into making his day special!
We love you Honey/Daddy/Dave, and wich you many more wonderful years!

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