April 6, 2010

Silly Kids...

Betcha can't guess who put the shades on Garrett?  Oh his dear darling sister is always up to something!
Jenna and her St. Patty's Day sunglassess.
Garrett started sitting just before he turned 6 months old, he LOVES being able to see everything around him and play.  This also means he can see what his sister leaves laying around and he rolls and rolls until he gets it.  One of his favorites is the remote control.  Good thing we kept the one from our TV that broke.
Jenna wanted to make some muffins, so while Garrett was fown for a nap that is exactly what we did.  There are plenty of times that I wish I would get some quiet time during the day to get things done but then again no amount of "me" time is worth giving up the special time I get to spend with her.  All too soon she'll be in school everyday and all I'll want is to have these moments back.
Garrett and his biscuit...this boy loves food!

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