April 6, 2010

Love the Feeling of Spring!

We were fortunate to have the feeling of spring arrive a little early this year and March brought some unexpected warm temps.  After what felt like a long winter of being inside, we all spent as much time as we could outside enjoying the weater.
Jenna was so excited to get out the rollerskates, her scooter and her bike.
Why color inside when you can do it on the deck and enjoy the sunshine!
Garrett was so happy being outside as well.  After going for a walk we took the toys outside and enjoyed some fresh air.  I think we'll be spending a LOT of time outside this summer since both kids really enjoy being outside.  The neighbors behind us have a large swingset and told us to go ahead and put a baby swing on it for Garrett since we won't be able to "play" in our yard mcuh this spring. Hopefully we can get a yard in as soon as possible or this mommy is going to be doing lots and lots of very dirty laundry.  We'll still have plenty of "dirt" for Garrett to play in since Dave has worked a very big sandbox into the landscaping plan....can't wait!
He loves the music that plays when you bang the drum.  He bangs and bangs and bangs on it.  Jenna will usually take it away from him after 15 minutes and tell me "it's so annoying mom"...too bad sweetie, he's only just begun to annoy you.

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