May 7, 2010

Crazy 8!

Our little guy just keeps on growing.  In the last month he cut the second of his top two teeth so he no longer has the cute hillbilly look going on...although it was cute!
He wasn't too interested in sitting still to have his "8 month" picture taken.  Gotta be on the move all the time. 
He loves drinking out of his sippy...
...and eating!
He has been crawling backwards but when he wants to move forward quickly he rolls....and rolls fast!  He has it down to where he rolls and lands in a sitting up position on his buns, so cute!  He gets where he wants to go and into everything, nothing is safe.  He pulls stuff off the end tables, the shelves by the computer in the kitchen, Jenna's art off the fridge and gets himself stuck under the table, the barstools...whatever looks like a fun and interesting place to go.  The funniest part about watching him roll is that his head rarely hits the ground, maybe I should try it and give my tummy muscles that kind of workout!
oooohhhh, mommy's closet looks like a great place to hide and make a mess.
Best of all we can still cuddle with you when you're sleepy and you are always SO full of smiles!

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