May 7, 2010

Just Jenna...

Most posts are about Jenna and Garrett, or often times just Garrett.  This time it's just Jenna!  She is such a sweet girl and every day she grows up just a little bit more (tear). 
The always thoughtful little girl wanted to pick flowers with Grandma and insisted on making this pretty arrangement for me.  I thought it was very sweet and very cute!  Now grandma just needs to get Jenna and her cousin Allee to stop picking the rest of the flowers....not sure it was a good thing to start.
Jenna had to make a simple boat that they could float at preschool.  This project was right up Dave's ally.  He didn't like my choice of butter tub so he and Jenna hunted through the storage container cupboard until they found the right "boat".  I had to keep reminding him that this was "Jenna's" homework and not his so it had to look like a 4 year old made it.  She cut out and decorated the sails and attached them to her mast (which she chose a Hello Kitty pencil for...such a girl!).  He figured out the rest and in no time at all they had a boat.  After testing it in the sink it was ready for preschool.
Jenna is NOT my napper and hasn't been since she was 3 years old.  She go, go, goes all day long.  Just a couple weeks ago we had a crazy busy week and by Friday it had all caught up to her.  She asked me after lunch if she could just rest, in only a matter of minutes she was sound asleep.  I love the time we get to spend together doing fun activities while Garrett naps in the afternoon but some days this angelic sight would be very welcomed.

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