May 7, 2010

Tulip Time 2010

We headed to Holland a week early to snap some pictures since the weather was great and so were the tulips.  Of course we had to head back again during Tulip Time because one trip to junk food Heaven just wasn't enough...
Jenna, Garrett and Allee
Grandma and her little sweeties
Garrett and Alivia, checking each other out...too cute!
Jenna, Garrett, Jonas, Oliver, Evan and Alivia...missing half the crew but it was fun to get some pictures of the kids.
Allee and Jenna watching the dancers

Kennedy and Jenna hamming it up for the camera of course.
3 little Dutch girls watching the dancing....Kennedy, Jenna and Emma
They were SO excited when Daysha let all three come out and dance with their group!
Maybe the best part of Tulip Time, the yummy food!  Jenna was all smile after her elephant ear.

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The Rotman's said...

Cute pics. Looks like we both blogged today. :) I've got some posts very similar to yours. Great minds must think alike.