June 15, 2010

Really, 9 Months already?!?

This is a little late, but better late than never, right?  Garrett has continued to be such a joy, can't even imagine life before him.  He is into everything and has mastered his cute little "there's no way you can be mad at me" smile.  What a stinker!  His well child visits are a little off schedule so we won't know his exact size until next week but we know he's a little bit of a big boy.  At nine months....
  • you eat almost anything.  Hopefully this continues and you become a great eater like your big sister.  You have started eating several kinds of solid foods and enjoy all of them
  • you have 8 teeth already!
  • you crawl all over the place, pull yourself up and even walk along things a bit even letting go to stand in place.  You also decided to master the stairs climbing all the way from the bottom to the top.
  • you LOVE to have music on.  As soon as you hear it you stand up next to something and bend at the knees like you're dancing and giggle, it's so cute!  You also love to clap your hands and make lots of noise.
  • you are making all kinds of noise including the ma-ma and da-da sounds.  You even grunt when your sister takes something away from you that you want :-).  You have started to wave bye-bye which is so cute to see.
  • you giggle and laugh when we play patty cake and do "so big"
  • you enjoy being outside and crawl to the door when you see your sister go out.  The neighbor kids all love you since you're the only little one around and they give you TONS of attention.
  • you put everything in your mouth!  Each morning you pick a toy for the day and it seems to be your favorite all day long as you crawl with it and take it everywhere you go.  Some days it's a little rubber duck, other days it's a toy tv remote or a small stuffed animal.
  • up to this point you have had no "favorites"...no pacifier, favorite blankie or anything that you needed.  Just recently though you have fallen in love with your soft white blanket and when it's time for a nap or bedtime you snuggle right up and fall to sleep.
  • All clean after a bath & having fun playing with your activity table that your cousin Allee let you borrow.
    When you wake up you're so full of smiles and usually jumping up and down, chatting away!  You don't even use a pacifier but found one in your room and crawled around chewing on it, love the big smile hiding behind it!
    9 Month Pictures....I think the overalls are my favorite since I won't be able to dress you like this forever.  Nothing like a little boy and his overalls ;-)

Fun at the Gardens...

Wow, what a FUN day!  Dave took Monday off so we could spend the day doing something fun with the kids.  We let Jenna choose between the zoo and Fredrick Meijer Gardens.  It took a bit for her to choose but after going back and forth she chose the Gardens.  We had looked into and knew there would be a variety of things to do but we had no idea she would have so much fun, we all did!  We arrived about 10:00am and did not leave until almost 3:00 and we really could have stayed longer if it wasn't for two sleepy kids.

Me and my little sweetie ready to explore the Children's Garden
Jenna entering the Children's Garden through the mouse entrance, too cute!
Jenna really had fun playing and exploring the Tree House
Dave and Jenna in the Butterfly Maze.  Another big hit that she ran through several times.  There were fun sculptures to play with in the maze as well.  After the maze they stopped to make their own clay sculpture that when finished was put on "display".  She thought it was lots of fun.
The Great Lakes Water Garden was a big hit with Jenna and Garrett.  From the observation deck you look down and see the pool form the shape of the great lakes.  Facts and information is written all around the edges, really neat.  They could choose from boats and other waters toys and play in the water.  Garrett would have jumped right in if it was allowed!

After all that playing and some lunch, Garrett was getting sleepy so I put him in my hotsling for a change of pace from the stroller.  He snuggled up and zonked out. 

Jenna was all about having her picture taken in front of ALL the sculptures, she was getting more creative as the day went on... (in the background in one of the current Chiluhy glass scultures on display, really cool stuff)
Her fave sculpture....the HUGE horse as she called it.  Look closely and you can see her waving
Finally a sculpture she could touch, the sign said it was made to be touched.  She thought Garrett needed to touch it too.
Thank you Fred and Lena Meijer for a wonderful gift to this community!  It was a fun-filled day for out entire family.  I like art, Dave loves being outside and the kids love to play...we could do it all here.
(Garrett and Jenna with the sculpture of the Meijers)
Dave and the kiddos

June 8, 2010

No place like the park!

I cannot tell you how many times a day I get asked to go to Helder Park.  Quite frequently we go.  Sunday we opted to take the long way so Jenna could ride her bike (most days I use the shortcut by the ball diamond fence).  It's so much fun to get all these smiles...

Beach Bum...

Two weeks ago Dave and I decided to head to Grand Haven for a Sunday afternoon.  We weren't sure how Garrett would do onthe beach so we figured that by heading to Grand Haven we could always walk on the boardwalk and in town.  Garrett ended up loving the beach! Hopefully we have lots of nice weekends to enjoy the beach this summer as a family.


Tunnel Park

Jenna's entire class on the beach at Tunnel park for their end of year picnic.  The weather was great and the kids had so much fun playing on the playground, running down the dune and seeing their friends to celebrate the end of the school year.
Jenna and her teacher, Mrs. Joustra
Jenna and her classroom assistant teacher, Mrs. R
Walking with her friends thru the tunnel

Running down the sand dune
Checking out the view

Warm Weather Fun!

When the weather gets warm we head outside!  On most mornings Jenna cannot wait to get outside and play, Garrett follows her right to the door. 

If you want to hear lots and lots of giggles just push Garrett up and down the driveway on the tractor!  I don't think this will be the last green toy to adorn our garage.
If your daddy (Dave) builds you a really cool sandbox that has an even cooler wall around it, of course you have to jump...
When you have no grass, you put the sprinkler in the driveway (or run inthe neighbors lawn which is what happens most of the time)
and if your Garrett, you just sit downstream a bit and let the water cool you off...
When you get really sick of crawling in dirt or on concrete and it's just WAY too hot to have pants on you make adjustments to your style...
If you're Jenna, you just always have a smile when it means being outside!