June 15, 2010

Fun at the Gardens...

Wow, what a FUN day!  Dave took Monday off so we could spend the day doing something fun with the kids.  We let Jenna choose between the zoo and Fredrick Meijer Gardens.  It took a bit for her to choose but after going back and forth she chose the Gardens.  We had looked into and knew there would be a variety of things to do but we had no idea she would have so much fun, we all did!  We arrived about 10:00am and did not leave until almost 3:00 and we really could have stayed longer if it wasn't for two sleepy kids.

Me and my little sweetie ready to explore the Children's Garden
Jenna entering the Children's Garden through the mouse entrance, too cute!
Jenna really had fun playing and exploring the Tree House
Dave and Jenna in the Butterfly Maze.  Another big hit that she ran through several times.  There were fun sculptures to play with in the maze as well.  After the maze they stopped to make their own clay sculpture that when finished was put on "display".  She thought it was lots of fun.
The Great Lakes Water Garden was a big hit with Jenna and Garrett.  From the observation deck you look down and see the pool form the shape of the great lakes.  Facts and information is written all around the edges, really neat.  They could choose from boats and other waters toys and play in the water.  Garrett would have jumped right in if it was allowed!

After all that playing and some lunch, Garrett was getting sleepy so I put him in my hotsling for a change of pace from the stroller.  He snuggled up and zonked out. 

Jenna was all about having her picture taken in front of ALL the sculptures, she was getting more creative as the day went on... (in the background in one of the current Chiluhy glass scultures on display, really cool stuff)
Her fave sculpture....the HUGE horse as she called it.  Look closely and you can see her waving
Finally a sculpture she could touch, the sign said it was made to be touched.  She thought Garrett needed to touch it too.
Thank you Fred and Lena Meijer for a wonderful gift to this community!  It was a fun-filled day for out entire family.  I like art, Dave loves being outside and the kids love to play...we could do it all here.
(Garrett and Jenna with the sculpture of the Meijers)
Dave and the kiddos

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