June 8, 2010

Our Little Graduate

It is so cliche, but it really does seem like just a couple weeks ago I brought Jenna to Zeeland Christian for her first day of preschool (even more difficult to believe is that Garrett was only 2 weeks old).  An entire school year of memories has passed by.  Jenna has grown so much and we are very proud of her.  Our shy little girl who had little tears and a shaky voice as she would say hi to her teachers upon arriving at school has turned into a much more confident little girl.  Some of her most favorite memories are:
 - Being the star helper and having mommy or daddy come to school with her
- Spending time with their buddy (a student from 3rd grade they are paired up with)
- listening to Mrs. Joustra read books
- crafts....oh how Jenna loves her crafts
- writing and drawing pictures

Jenna's special graduation from ZCS preschool...

Up on stage getting ready to sing, she actually did sing and do the motions

Getting her certificate
(the picture is blurry but I bumped the setting on my camera...in my defense it was about 90 degrees in the gym and I had been in bed all day with the flu and was just happy that I made it there!)
Jenna had lots of people to share her special night with...(daddy & Krysta and Nana were also there)
Grandpa & Grandma Kapenga
Our Family with our special girl...
Next year she'll be in Young 5's at Zeeland Christian.  It is our prayer for you Jenna that you will continue to learn and grow into the wonderful person God has created you to be.  We love you!

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