August 10, 2010

11 Months...

My complete blog update slacking is catching up with me so rather than try to update everything now I'll just start with the present!  Garrett is now 11 months old, sometimes I really feel like begging him to stop growing up so fast.  We've stayed busy this summer with all sorts of fun things and Garrett has enjoyed them all.  He suddenly doesn't seem like a baby anymore, it seemed to happen overnight!  I don't know if it's because he's never liked a bottle so going stright to a sippy cup feels like we skipped a baby step or that fact that he eats solid food/meals like a 2 year old (I'm already saving for when I have to feed him as a teenager!).  Having a mouthful of teeth certainly took care of the baby "look".

Taking Garrett's monthly picture is certianly more challenging now that he's on the move.  He cruises all over the house, walks along the furniture, between toys and will walk pushing his toys or his tractor outside.  Taking one - two steps has happened so it won't be long and he'll be running, yikes!  You sorta look like a frog here bud, but it's the best I was able to get.
Garrett on the move = Garrett into everything.  He has a very cute little head tilt and grin he shows when he knows he's being caught being a stinker.
Climb, climb, climb...on everything.  When he hears the dishwasher open he comes flying into the kitchen.
Jenna still thinks she can make Garrett the baby when she's playing house with her dolls.  I think he's a bit big for the swing sweetie, but he does love all the attention he gets from her.
One of Garrett's favorite things is water and swimming.  What started off as floating in an infant ring progressed to sitting on rafts and crawling from raft to raft. Now if he's in the water he's on his tummy kicking and moving his arms.  For a little extra fun he stands on the side and jumps in when you count to three.

Playing with Jenna, most of the time this puts a BIG smile on his face.
Always SUCH a content baby with a smile for anyone, exploring and figuring out new toys all the time.  Some of his favorites right now are his walk behind/ride on toys, Little Peoples Farm and tractor, anything you can push around, looking at the touch and feel books.
He loves riding his John Deere tractor and will even crawl to the door and bang on it to go outside if he knows someone else is out there.  This toy of Jenna makes noise when the buttons are pushed so he's quite entertained by it.  Apparently Jenna was concerned with safety so she thought a helmet would be best.
SAND!  We're slowly moving beyond the "in the mouth stage" but still have to watch carefully that the fistful doesn't go in.  He loves to sit and play in his sandbox or at the beach.
At 11 months Garrett isn't actually saying very many words other than the basics (mama, dada, bye-bye, no)but I have no doubt that's those little wheels are turning and soaking up everything!  He has the cutest bye-bye wave that he must have picked up from Jenna.  A couple of my favorite things are watching him clap and play patty-cake, throwing his hands up in the air for a "so big", covering his head with his blankie for a game of peek-a-boo, picking up a phone (or any toy that resembles a phone) and putting it by his ear just jabbering away like he's talking to someone, shaking your head yes, and figuring out how toys work and are put together.....guessing that comes from daddy!

Love you so much Garrett, can you stay little just a bit longer please!!!