September 20, 2010

Birthday Celebrations...

Wow did the year go by quickly!  We had a lot of fun celebrating Garrett's 1st birthday with a couple different parties.  First we had a "farm" theme party with my side of the family.  He was so excited ripping open paper and when it came to this little 4-wheeler from Grandma, he couldn't get on it fast enough!
His farm theme cake and cupcakes...
...and he seemed to like it!  He grabbed the cupcake with two hands and shoved it right in, there's a good chance he has a sweet tooth like his mommy :-).
On his birthday we just had a little party with our own family,  He really liked his new table and it didn't take more than a minute for him to figure out how to climb on top of it.
Dave had taken Jenna shopping so she could pick out something just from her to give to her brother.  She picked out a set of Snoopy golf clubs, they were a BIG hit!  It is so cute to watch him walk around the house with the bag around his neck or over his shoulder as he hits the ball. Of course he has also figured out that swinging it at his sister is a good way to keep her away from him, we'll have to work on that.
Lastly, we celebrated with Dave's family.  Since Alvia's birthday is exactly 1 week after Garrett's we did the parties together.
Megan made a really cute cake for each of the kids, a ladybug for Liv and a Lion for Rett.
And once again, Garrett enjoyed every last bite of cake that we let him have.

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The Rotman's said...

Are you calling him Rett? I really like it.. :)