September 2, 2010

Growing & Healthy

More for my own benefit I'm writing about Garrett's 12 month stats from his doctors appointment this morning.  He was a super happy boy and was being a complete flirt with the nurses.  He must have thought his Dr. was funny because all he did was laugh as Dr. Raj listened to his heart, checked his eyes and ears and completed the rest of his routine.  He was all about showing Dr. Raj his little tricks....walking, climbing, waving, playing peek-a-boo, acting like he's talking on the phone and saying "hi".  We're pretty convinced he's been learning a thing or two from his sister, not sure that is completely a good thing yet :-).  He was 22lbs 12ozs and 30 inches.  He is no longer our big chubby boy, but still looks and acts (other than not using a ton of words yet) way older....slow down buddy!  Nurse Bonnie could hardly stand to give him his shots as he just lay on the table smiling and talking away to her.  The 4 pokes came, he screamed and just like that he was smiling again which made her feel much better.  Maybe it helped that daddy wanted to come along this morning and was by him through the shots, he's kinda of gone from being a mommy's boy to ALL about daddy!  Unfortunately, just as we did with Jenna, thanks to my bad genes, the little man will have to wait a few more years before having his first taste of peanut butter or eggs.  It's a weird allergy that if he has he will outgrow, as Jenna and I both did, but in the meantime no PB & J!  Sorry bud!  On a good note, the heart murmur he has had since birth appears to be staying relatively in check at this point and is only at the mid-point on the severity scale.  It has gotten louder but the Dr. assured us that this is normal as they grow.  He'll continue to monitor it but does not see it as a health concern that requires anything further at this point, yeah!!!  Thank you God for this healthy, rambunctious, happy little guy.  We know this is not something to take for granted.

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